Common Terms test 5

  1. stipulations page
    usually used in deposition transcripts where attorneys agree about certain matters regarding the way that the matter will be conducted
  2. trial index
    contains references to opening statements, closing arguments and motions.
  3. index page
    refers to the pages where witnesses were called and underwent examination. also indicates where exhibits are first introduced, marked for identification and received into evidence
  4. esquire
    a title showing someone is an attorney. abbreviated ESQ
  5. appearance page
    appearances of plaintiffs always listed first, followed by the appearances of the defendants. also include interpreters and insurance adjusters on this page.
  6. badger
    to pester or nag a witness
  7. privileged information
    information that is considered privileged like between husband and wife, attorney and client, physician and patient.
  8. impeaching a witness
    to show that a witness is untruthful and has lied in past statements or in immediate testimony.
  9. physical evidence
    examples = guns, bullets, medical records, marriage certificates, videos, x-ray, etc.
  10. marking exhibits
    tools reporters use to mark exhibits. stamps, stamp pad, tags, stickers. if an exhibit is too big or too small to be stamped on directly, a tag may be stamped and then placed on the actual exhibit.
  11. who marks exhibits in depositions?
    the reporter
  12. who marks exhibits in state district and county courts?
    the reporter
  13. who marks exhibits in federal court?
    the clerk
  14. title page
    first page of a transcript that includes venue of matter, title of case, case no., a description of what the matter pertains to like a deposition, hearing, jury trial or a special hearing
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