The Begginnings of Civilization

  1. When did the Neolithic Revolution begin?
    about 10,000 years ago
  2. What is PreHistory?
    The time before a written language
  3. During the Neolithic Revolution, how did people change how they got their food?
    They shifted from food gather to food production
  4. Define Domestication
    taming wild animals to make sure you will always have food
  5. When did people start Domestication?
    During the Neolithic Revolution
  6. During the Neolithic Revolution, what did people start doing with their animals?
  7. What are the 5 necessary things to develop a civilization?
    • 1.Record Keeping
    • 2.Complex Institutions
    • 3.Advanced Citites
    • 4.Improved Techonology
    • 5.Specialized Workers
  8. Give examples of Record Keeping
    • 1.Writing down taxes and laws
    • 2.Birth Cirtificate
    • 3.Keeping score at a game
    • 4.Writing things down
  9. What are some examples of Complex Institutions?
    • 1.Government
    • 2.Religion
    • 3.Economy
    • 4.Establishing Laws
  10. What makes Advanced Cities?
    • 1.Larger Population
    • 2.Lots of trade centers
  11. What are some examples of Advanced Cities?
    • 1.New York
    • 2.Las Vegas
    • 3.Atlanta
    • 4.Orlando
  12. Why is it important to have Specialized Workers?
    So everyone can have diffrent jobs and there are lots of different services to go around
  13. What is some improved technology from the Neolithic Revolution?
    • 1.replace copper & stone with bronze
    • 2.Irrigation
    • 3.Ditches (for floods)
    • 4.Animals as transportation
  14. Define Cultural Diffusion:
    The exchange of goods and ideas when cultures come in contact
  15. What current countries make up what used to be Mespotamia?
    • Middle East
    • 1.Iran
    • 2.Iraq
  16. What is Polythesim?
    Belief in many G-d's
  17. What is Monothesim?
    Beleif in 1 G-d
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