Chapter 7:Plant Transport

  1. Lignin
    a hard material embedded in the cellulose matrix of the cell wall-proovides support so plan can grow upward
  2. Xylem
    tranports water and minerals though vascular plants
  3. Phloem
    tranports food through vascular plants
  4. tracheids
    pointed ends, thick walls with pits that conect them to near by cells. water moves from cell to cell though these pits
  5. vessel elements
    wider,shorter,thinner walle and less tapered than tracheids.end walls are either missing or perforated
  6. pressure flow hypothesis
    dissovled sugars move from areas of high pressure (source) to areas of lower pressure (sink)
  7. cohesion
    water molecules are attracted to eachother and get pulled along
  8. adhesion
    water molecules are attracted to polar molecules and get pulled along
  9. companion cells
    le on either side of the sieve tubes
  10. sieve tubes
    tiny pores in the walls at the ends .allows contents of cells to mix
  11. capillary action
    water molecules being pulled along the capillaries by adhesion and cohesion
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Chapter 7:Plant Transport