BCN1 Ch7 review

  1. The theory of motivation that focuses on distinquishing higher order from lower order needs
    Maslow's hierarchy of needs
  2. In McGregors Theory Of motivation the assumption that employees inheritantly dislike work
    Theory X
  3. Allocating extrinsic rewards for previously intrinsically rewarding behavior decrease motivation according to:
    cognitive evaluation theory
  4. goal setting theory says that _____  and ___ goals produce higher results
    specific, difficult
  5. Use of the Pygmalion Effect aids managers in which theory
    self efficacy
  6. If an employee's motivation is impacted based on perception of how other employees are treated
  7. The theory based on rewards and punishments
  8. The overall perception of what is fair in the workplace
    organizational justice
  9. If I say " no matter how hard I try I cant succeed" which component of expectancy theory does that suggest
  10. If I say "even if I succeed I won't receive anything for it" which component of expectancy theory
    performance - reward
  11. According to McCelland's Theory of needs under which circumstance to high achievers perform best?
  12. What is closely related to managerial success according Mccelland's theory
    Need for affiliation & the need for power
  13. Which of the four older theories has the best support?
  14. Which of the four older theories is the most well known?
  15. self-determination theory
    A theory of motivation that is concerned with the beneficial effects of intrinsic motivation and the harmful effects of extrinsic motivation.
  16. Which of the following theories of motivation is related to self concordance
    self-determination theory
  17. Which of the following theories of motivation is related to management by objectives
    goal setting theory
  18. name a systematic way to implement goal setting theory in an organizational setting
    management by objectives
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BCN1 Ch7 review
BCN1 Ch7 review