Drill and Ceremony

  1. Interval
    arms length between individuals
  2. close interval
    4 inches between individuals.
  3. Distance between individuals
    40 inches between individuals from chest to back.
  4. Pace
    24 inch step, length of full step in quick time.
  5. Mark Time
    100 to 120 steps per minute, marching in place.
  6. Quick Time
    Rate of marching 100 to 120 steps per minute.
  7. Double Time
    180 steps per minute, 30 inches in length.
  8. which foot are all steps taken from a halt except right step and close march
    left foot.
  9. how many steps from flight commander does the flight fall in?
    3 steps.
  10. Open/Close Ranks March Steps
    Count Off,
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Drill and Ceremony
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