Psy 200 section 1:1 review questions

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  1. True or false:  Psychologists use the term behavior to refer only to observable responses, such as moving about, talking, and gesturing.  Internal events such as thoughts and feelings fall outside the domain of scientific psychology
    False.  Internal thoughts and feelings are often studied by psychologists; a thought or feeling can be considered as a type of behavior when it is revealed through written or spoken expression.
  2. True or false:  Psychology did not exist as a separate field of science 150 years ago.  To explore questions about behavior and mind, it was necessary to study philosophy and physiology.
  3. True or false:  Clinical psychologists are generally interested in diagnosing and treating psychological problems such as depression or schizophrenia
  4. True or false:  Psychiatrists differ from psychologists primarily in their focus of interest.  Psychiatrists tend to work on severe and chronic problems such as schizophrenia, whereas, psychologists treat milder problems such as phobias and anxiety disorders
    False.  Psychiatrists are medical doctors who receive specialized training in psychology, but their interests do not differ in any fundamental way from those of psychologists.  Both psychologists and psychiatrists work on severe psychological problems such as schizophrenia.
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