Verbal Ability 6

  1. Quiescent
    • motionless
    • Many animal are quiescent over the winter months, minimizing activity in order to converse energy.

    Similar: latent,dormant
  2. Repudiate
    • to reject the validity of
    • The old woman's claim that she was Russian royalty was repudiated when DNA tests showed she was of no relation to them.

    Similar: deny,disown,disavow,disclaim,renounce
  3. Reticent
    • silent, reserved
    • Physically small and verbally reticent, Joan Didion often went unnoticed by those she was reporting upon.

    Similar: cool, standoffish,taciturn,laconic
  4. Rhetoric
    • effective writing or speaking
    • Lincoln's talent for rhetoric was evident in his beautifully expressed Gettysburg Address.

    Similar: eloquence,oratory
  5. Satiate
    • to satisfy fully or overindulge
    • His desire for power was so great that nothing less than complete control of the country could satiate it.

    Similar: cloy,gorge,glut,surfeit
  6. Soporific
    • causing sleep or lethargy
    • The movie proved to be so soporific that soon loud snores were heard throughout the cinema.

    Similar: Hypnotic, slumberous,narcotic,somnolent
  7. Specious
    • deceptively attractive; seemingly plausible but fallacious
    • The student's specious excuses for being alte sounded legitimate, but was proved otherwise when his teacher called his home.

    Similar: illusory, spurious,ostensible,plausible,sophistic
  8. Stigma
    • a mark of shame or discredit
    • In The Scarlet Letter Hester Prynne was required to wear the letter 'A' on her clothes as a public stigma for her adultery.

  9. Stolid
    • unemotional, lacking sensitivity
    • The prisoner appeared stolid and unaffected by the judge's harsh sentence.

    Similar: apathetic,phlegmatic,impassive,stoical,indefferent
  10. Sublime
    • lofty or grand
    • The music was so sublime that it transformed the rude surroundings into a special place.

    Similar: august,grand,exalted,regal,superb,resplendent
  11. Tacit
    • done without using words
    • Although not a word said, everyone in the room knew that a tacit agreement was made about what course of action to take.

  12. Taciturn
    • silent, not talkative
    • The clerk's taciturn nature earned him the nickname Silent Bob.

    Similar: laconic,reticent
  13. Tirade
    • long, harsh speech or verbal attack
    • Observers were shocked at the manager's tirade over such a minor mistake.

  14. Torpor
    • extreme mental and physical sluggishness
    • After surgery, the patient experienced torpor until the anesthesisa wore off.

  15. Transitory
    • temporary, lasting a brief time
    • The reporter lived a transitory life, staying in one place only long enough to cover the current story.

    Similar: ephemeral,evanescent,fleeting,momentary,impermanent
  16. Vacillate
    • to physically sway or to be indecisive
    • The customer held up the line as he vacillated between ordering chocolate-chip or rocky-road ice-cream.

    Similar: dither,falter,irresolute,waver,fluctuate
  17. Venerateto respect deeply
    • respect deeply
    • In a traditional Confucian society the young venerate their elders, deferring to the elders' wisdom and experience.

    Similar: adore,idolize,honor,revere
  18. Veracity
    • filled with truth and accuracy
    • She had a reputation for veracity, so everyone trusted her description of events.

  19. Verbose
    • wordy
    • The professor's answer was so verbose that his student forgot what the original question had been.

    Similar: longwinded, loquacious,superflous,proflix
  20. Vex
    • to annoy
    • The old man who loved his peace and quiet was vexed by his neighbor's loud music.

    Similar: annoy,chafe,nettle,exasperate,nuisance,provoke
  21. Viscous
    • thick and adhesive, like a slow flowing fluid
    • Most viscous liquids, like oil, or honey, become even thicker as they are cooled down.

    Similar: thick,glutinous,gelatinous
  22. Volatile
    • easily aroused or changeable; like or explosive
    • His volatile personality made it difficult to predict his reaction to anything.

    Similar: capricious,inconsistent,errtic,inconstant,fickle,mercurial
  23. Waver
    • to fluctuate between choices
    • If you waver too long before making a decision about which testing site to register for, you may not get your first choice.

    Similar: dither,irresolute,falter,oscillate,flucuate
  24. Whimsical
    • lightly acting in a fanciful or caprcious manner; unpredictable
    • The ballet was whimsical, delighting the children with its imaginative characters and unpredictable sets.

    Similar: erracti,flippant,frivolous
  25. Zeal
    • passion, excitement
    • She brought her typical zeal to the project sparking enthusiasm in the other team meambers.

    Similar: ardency,fervor,pasion,fire
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