Chp 2 Real Property and the Law

  1. Acquiring title to additions or improvements to
    real property as a result of the annexation of fixtures or the accretion of
    alluvial deposits along the banks of steams.
  2. The right to use the open space above a
    property, usually allowing the surface to be used for anther purpose.
    Air rights
  3. A right, privilege, or improvement belonging to,
    and passing with, land, “runs with the land.”
  4. People’s desire for one area over another, based
    on a number of factors such as history, reputation, convenience, scenic beauty,
    and location.
    Area preference
  5. The concept of land ownership that includes
    ownership of all rights to the land possession, control within the law,
    enjoyment, exclusion, and disposition.
    Bundle of legal rights
  6. See personal property.
  7. Growing crops, such as corn, that are produced
    annually through labor and industry; also called fructus industrials
  8. an item of personal property that has been
    converted to real property by being permanently affixed to the realty.
  9. Any structure, usually privately owned, erected
    on a site to enhance the value of the property (e.g., building a fence or a
    driveway). (2) A publicly owned structure added to or benefiting land (e.g., a
    curb, sidewalk, street, or sewer).
  10. The earth’s surface, extending downward to the
    center of the earth and upward infinitely into space, including things
    permanently attached by nature, such as trees and water.
  11. Dwellings that are built off site and trucked to
    a building lot where they are installed or assembled.
    Manufactured housing
  12. A lack or uniformity; dissimilarity. Because no
    two parcels of land are exactly alike, real estate is said to be
  13. Items, called chattels, that do not fit into the
    definition of real property; movable objects
    Personal property
  14. Land; a portion of the earth’s surface extending
    downward to the center of the earth and upward infinitely into space, including
    all things permanently attached to it, whether naturally or artificially.
    Real estate
  15. The interests, benefits, and rights inherent in
    real estate ownership.
    Real property
  16. Changing an item of real estate to personal
    property by detaching it from the land (e.g., cutting down a tree).
  17. The personal preference of people for one area
    over another, not necessarily based on objective facts and knowledge.
  18. Ownership rights in a parcel of real estate to
    the water, minerals, gas oil and so forth that lie beneath the surface of the
    Subsurface rights
  19. Ownership rights in a parcel of real estate that
    are limited to the surface of the property and do not include the air above it
    (air rights) or the minerals below the surface (subsurface rights).
    Surface rights
  20. An article installed by a tenant under the term
    of a lease and removable by the tenant before the lease expires.
    Trade fixture
  21. common law rights held by owners of land
    adjacent to rivers, lakes, or oceans; includes restrictions on those rights and
    land ownership.
    Water rights
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