SAT week 1

  1. surreptious
    done secretly, often of something unseemingly or unethical
  2. transient
    passing with time; remaining only briefly
  3. ambivalence
    simultaneous existence of opposing feelings
  4. ameliorate
    to improve
  5. assuage
    to lessen
  6. astute
    clever and insightful
  7. burgeon
    to sprout or grow rapidly
  8. cantankerous
  9. censure
    to criticize severely
  10. circumscribe
    to define the limits of
  11. clandestine
    done in secret, especially to conceal something improper
  12. complacent
    too pleased with oneself
  13. deride
    to ridicule; to make fun of
  14. diffident
    shy; lacking self-confidence
  15. dilatory
    tardy; characterized by delay
  16. discern
    to perceive and understand so as to make distinctions
  17. dogmatic
    arrogantly asserting unproved principles
  18. evanescent
    vanishing or likely to vanish
  19. exacerbate
    to make more violent
  20. exonerate
    to find blameless
  21. exorbitant
  22. gregarious
    seeking and enjoying the company of others
  23. impetuous
    characterized by sudden emotion
  24. laconic
    brief in speech
  25. laudable
    worthy of praise
  26. lucid
    clear; emitting or reflecting glowing light
  27. mitigate
    to improve by lessening the severity of
  28. obstinate
    unreasonably stubborn
  29. ostentatious
  30. placate
    to make less angry
  31. prodigious
    exceptionally talented; excessively great in size
  32. quiescent
  33. strident
    loud and harsh
  34. supercilious
    displaying of overabundance of pride and vanity
  35. superfluous
  36. trite
    worn out, used too often
  37. ubiquitous
    all over
  38. vapid
    lacking interest
  39. verbose
  40. aloof
    distant physically and emotionally
  41. appease
    to satisfy demands
  42. approbation
    expression of approval
  43. audacious
    fearlessly bold
  44. austere
    stern or severe in appearance
  45. belie
    to picture falsely
  46. boorish
    rude and clumsy
  47. cacophony
    a harsh, jarring sound
  48. castigate
    to criticize thoroughly
  49. contentious
    always ready to argue
  50. convivial
  51. convoluted
  52. cynical
    distrusting others b/c everyone's selfish
  53. dearth
    a scarcity, lack of supply
  54. debacle
    an overwhelming defeat
  55. deleterious
    having a harmful effect
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SAT week 1
SAT week 1