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  1. Which munitions element act as the focal point for daily reconciliation of munitions expenditures and tracking missile flying hours
    Munitions Control
  2. The initial goal of a base recall is to ?
    account for all personnel
  3. Emergency action checklists provide what type of information ?

    Step-by step procedures to be followed when an emergency situation occurs
  4. Which agency would you coordinate matters concerning risk category changes in munitions storage structures ?
    Central Security Control
  5. Which agency must be notified of fire and hazard symbol changes to munitions storage magazines ?
    Fire Department
  6. If an accident or incident involving explosives occurs within the munitions storage area, which agency would be called to safe the munitions ?
    Explosive ordnance disposal(EOD)
  7. All explosive mishap and Dull Sword reporting is coordinated through which office ?
    Base Safety office
  8. What can be used to make the door of the munitions control facility ?
    A solid wood door with a peep hole
  9. How many keys are received from the manufacturer with high/medium security locks and cylinders ?
  10. What specific purpose is the high/medium security lock control key used for ?
  11. What form is used to document the issue and receipt of keys to munitions maintenance and storage facilities ?
    AF IMT 2432, Key issue log
  12. If primary, spare, and control keys to munication storage areas are issued, when must a key inventory be performed ?
    At the end of each shift
  13. In accordance with the Department of Defense (DOD) 5100.76-M, you should audit keys, locks, and cylinders
  14. How often must you rotate or replace high security locks securing classified munitions ?
  15. Why is an awaiting maintenance (AWM) work order generated ?
    Time, equipment, and personnel are not available to complete the task
  16. When is an item put in awaiting parts (AWO) status ?
    When the required parts to do the maintenance are on order
  17. The weekly munitions maintenance schedule is based on what ?
    Monthly munitions maintenance plan, aircrew training requirements, and support requirements
  18. Who normally presides over the weekly scheduling meeting ?
    Munitions flight chief
  19. Which of the following is not included in the weekly flying schedule ?
    Munitions delivery times
  20. The agency initiating a change to the weekly flying schedule routes the AF IMT 2407 through whom ?
    Affected production superintendent
  21. Which computer database is utilized to maintain status and tracking of munitions activities on an installation ?
    Munitions Control 2000 (MC2K)
  22. Which tab of munitions Control 2000 (MC2K) is used to provide fire symbols for each building ?
    Facility status
  23. Who appoints munitions accountable systems officers (MASO) ?
    Responsible wing or group commander
  24. What computer database helps the munitions accountable systems officer (MASO) maintain munitions accountability and also provides "real-time visibilty" to higher headquarters ?
    Combat Ammunition System (CAS)
  25. Which MAJCOM provided document contains the type and quantities of conventional munitions to be stocked at your base and indicates those assets stored at other locations for you ?
    War consumable distribution objective (WCDO)
  26. What document does the Ammunition Control Point (ACP) use to record the allocation decision ?
    .Detailed logistics allocation report (DLAR)
  27. What documents missile requirements and applicable theater allocations ?
    Tactical air missile program (TAMP)
  28. Who is the base war reserve material (WRM) manager ?
    Munitions accountable systems officer
  29. Which of the following are standardized, air transportable package of munitions used in support of specific fighter and bomber aircraft systems ?
    Standard air munitions packages (STAMP)
  30. Generally speaking, "supply discipline" refers to
    Asset control and documentation
  31. Which of the following are deployable packages of external fuel tanks and jettisonable alternate mission equipment used in support of specific fighter and reconnaissance weapons systems ?
    Standard tanks, racks, adapters, and pylon packages (STRAPP)
  32. What computer database is utilized by munitions personnel to manage forecasts and allocations throughout the Air Force and is accessed through the Combat Ammunition System (CAS) ?
    Agile Munitions Support Tool (AMST)
  33. What is the primary means of requesting and allocating munitions required for training and operational needs ?
    Annual munitions forecast
  34. When the munitions forecast is returned to the MAJCOM from the ammunition control point it is called a/an
  35. What is the quantity of a munitions item that is expected to be available to the command for the designed fiscal year called ?
  36. What major category code is used to replace worn-out and damaged items ?
  37. What major category code is used for training munitions that are not expended during normal training ?
  38. What major category code is used for items anticipated to be expended ?
  39. What is established to control requisitions against an item and to ensure all contingencies and training requirements are supported ?
    Munitions stock levels
  40. What program is used to request supplemental allocations and authorize loading them into combat ammunition system (CAS) ?
    Supplemental allocation authorization request
  41. What are supplemental allocations requests called once they are approved ?
    Special levels
  42. How often are time change requirements provided to the munitions accountable systems officer (MASO) ?
  43. When can the munitions accountable systems officer (MASO) exceed approved stock levels when ordering items ?
    For quantity per unit pack, or quantity per shipping container conditions
  44. On-hand stock is the amount of items an unit has, plus
    The amount on order
  45. What is used for requisitioning purposed to offset transportation funding deficits for overseas commands once a year ?
    Call forward
  46. Call forward allows commands to receive some of their requirements in the beginning of a next month
    The fiscal year
  47. Initial requirements for which of the following items are not requisitioned because they are automatically distributed to the installation ?
  48. What are war reserve material (WRM) all-up-round missiles with guidance and control units removed called ?
    Stubby missiles
  49. How many calendar days before the next quarter of the calendar year does OCONUS bases submit consolidated requisitions for time change items ?
    90 and 120
  50. What is considered before the munitions accountable systems officer (MASO) can declare a mission capability (MICAP) condition exists ?
    Check to see if there are any substitute items on hand
  51. When is the responsibility transferred from the carrier to the munitions personnel ?
    When the in-checker signs for the property
  52. What process introduces an item into the base munitions inventory
  53. What process transfers munitions to a custodian's control ?
  54. Who may authorize verbal or written issue requests for munitions ?
    Munitions accountable systems officer
  55. A required on-for-one swap of unserviceable items from a maintenance organization for serviceable replacement items describes what type of issue ?
    Due-in-for maintenance
  56. The transfer of a munitions asset that will not be consumed or installed until an unspecified date, to an authorized supply account describes what type of issue ?
  57. From the time of issue, how long does an organization have to install or consume an emergency issue item ?
    12 hours
  58. Who approves the AF IMT 60 Munitions Authorization Record ?
    Munitions accountable systems officer
  59. The term that identifies an unfilled issue request is
  60. Which of the following constitutes a found on base (FOB) turn-in ?
    Assets removed from or left by transient aircraft
  61. The munitions accountable systems officer (MASO) must review found on base (FOB) transactions to decide
    The need for special inventory
  62. Which type of turn-in would be used for removed components or empty containers ?
  63. What process refers to used custody account items ?
  64. Documentation reflecting the expenditure of munitions certifies use for their intended purpose and
    Accounts for the items
  65. The consuming organization or activity provides the munitions accountable systems officer (MASO) with expenditure documents within how many duty days after the expenditure has taken place ?
  66. What element ensures that expenditure paperwork is accurately completed ?
    Munitions accountability
  67. Who must ensure the munitions shipment is properly safeguarded while transported ?
    Transportation officer and MASO
  68. Who provides the munitions accountable systems officer (MASO) with a list of individuals authorized to receipt for munitions and explosives items being released for shipment ?
    Transportation officer
  69. Documentation for mission capability (MICAP) shipments must be turned over to transportation within
  70. What are shipments of property from the controlling accountable account to the defense reutilization and marketing office called ?
  71. Who publishes munitions inventory dates ?
    Munitions accountable systems officer
  72. The munitions accountable systems officer (MASO) will inventory each custody account once every
    12 months
  73. When funding does not permit the munitions accountable systems officer (MASO) or designated representative to be present, who requests and performs the inventory ?
    MASO requests the commander of the off-base custody account to appoint disinterested individuals
  74. The account custodians will inventory risk category I missiles and rockets maintained outside the non-nuclear munitions storage area (NMSA) once every
  75. Which method is used to perform complete inventories ?
  76. What type of transactions can you process during a complete inventory ?
    Receipt with due-out release actions
  77. What type issue may be processed during a semi-annual inventory ?
  78. An inventory deadline date is the date
    The inventory begins
  79. Who determines how the actual inventory counting is conducted ?
    Munitions accountable systems officer (MASO)
  80. What is entered on the count sheet during an inventory ?
    Physical count
  81. If items are identified as stolen, lost, or damaged during an inventory, the relief od accountability document will provide what type of information ?
    Negligence involved, willful misconduct, or deliberate unauthorized use
  82. A report of survey is always required when loss involves which controlled inventory item code (CIIC) ?
    Category 1--very high risk
  83. Who authorizes personnel access to the document control section ?
    Munitions accountable systems officer (MASO)
  84. Issue and expenditure paperwork must be returned to document control for filling within how many work days from processing before they are considered delinquent documents ?
  85. Shipment paperwork must be returned to document control for filing within how many workdays after the shipment leaves the base before they are considered delinquent documents ?
  86. An ammunition disposition request (ADR) will be returned to document control for filing within how many workdays after disposition instructions are complied with before they are considered delinquent documents ?
  87. How often must the MASO review the print document report ?
  88. If incomplete or illegible munitions documents are detected, return them to the
    responsible organization
  89. What must be on all munitions supply documents that are permanently filed ?
    Proper lot numbers and serial numbers
  90. When the combat ammunition system (CAS) goes down who establishes the recovery team after off-line processing has been completed ?
    Munitions accountable systems officer (MASO)
  91. Transfer accountability of deployed training assets to the gaining munitions accountable systems officer (MASO) of an established stock record account number (SRAN) if deployment is longer than
    60 days
  92. Who must designate a responsible individual to maintain accountability of assets until a munitions accountable systems officer (MAS0) is established at the deployed location ?
    Installation deployment officer
  93. Who is responsible for accurate accounting and reporting of all munitions located at the deployed or pre-positioned locations ?
  94. Who identifies all contingency support munitions requirements and on-hand or in-use munitions, and accurately accounts for munitions on custody records ?
    Organizational custodian
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