antinflamatory agent

  1. Inflammation results in ...
    • permanent destruction of tissue
    • or complete healing (by removing noxious agents and repair dmg tissue)
  2. Tissue mediators
    • histamine
    • prostaglandin
    • leukotrienes
    • lysosomal products
  3. histamine
    • released by a variety of physical and
    • chemical stimuli
  4. prostaglanding
    platelet aggregation, vasodilation, vascular permeability and increase pain sensitivity to other mediators
  5. leukotrienes
    involved in immediate hypersensitivity
  6. lysosomal products
    damaged host tissue such as collagen, elastin, mucopolysaccharide and basement membrane.
  7. which tissue mediator dmg tissue?
    lysosomal products
  8. which protein triggering mast cell degranulation, which in turn leads to increased vascular permeability
    cationic protein
  9. Interleukins fx
    stimulate the function of T and B cells.
  10. Monocyte chemoattractive protein-1
    promotes accumulation of monocyte.
  11. INF-a
    antivival and macrophage activation
  12. skin reactive factor
    • vascular permeability
    • ¬†mimics a delayed allergic rxn
  13. macrophage products
    reactive metabolites of oxygen, INF-a, IL-1 and TNF-a
  14. Lymphocytes product
    IL, MCP-1, GM-CSF, INF-a, skin reactive factor
  15. mast cell product
  16. eosinophile products
    lysosomal enzymes
  17. PGs derived from
    arachidonic acid
  18. COX1 vs COX2
    COX1 can be block by aspirin is a constitutive enzyme and functions in regulating renal blood flow and fluid and electrolyte transport.

    COX 2 is inducible enxyme that fxn in inflammation
  19. Maintain the integrity of the mucosa
  20. COX1
    regulation of renal blood flow, fluid and electrolyte transport.

    maintain mucosa integrity in the stomach.
  21. COX2
  22. Leukotriene B4
    enhances chemotactic responses in human neutrophils, monocytes, and eosinophils
  23. LTC4 and LTD4
    bronchial constriction and mucosal edema
  24. C3a and C5a (anaphylatoxin)
    bacterial lysis, phagocytosis, chemotaxis, vasodilation and increase permeability.
  25. blood test for C3,4 indicate
    recurrent bacterial endotoxin
  26. What produce C1
  27. what produce C3
    bacterial endotoxin
  28. plays a regulatory and a proinflammatory
    role in various inflammatory conditions
  29. inhibition of iNOS has proinflamatory effect
  30. which enzyme aid in production of brady kinin
  31. which drug is the exception to NSAID (doesn't have antiflamatory fxn)? why?
    acetaminophen only analgesic and antipyretic but not antinflamatory fxn
  32. Which COX-2 inhibitor is the only safe drug on the market?
  33. Aspirin - MofA
    uniquely inactivates COX by irreversibly acetylating the enzyme.
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