1. The USA requires that straight whiskey be barreled at no higher than _____ proof.
  2. The USA requires that straight whiskey be distilled at no more than _____ proof.
  3. Bourbon must be aged for a minimum of 2 years but if it's less than _____ it must be stated _____.
    4 years, on the label
  4. Some Tennessee Whiskeys go through a filtering stage where the whiskey is filtered through maple charcoal before aging. This is called _____.
    the "Lincoln County Process"
  5. Canadian whisky must be aged at least _____.
    3 years
  6. Canadian whisky cannot be aged in barrels larger than _____.
    700 liters
  7. Caramel coloring can be added along with Sherry and fruit wines for flavoring in this type of whiskey.
    Canadian whisky
  8. Bourbon must be aged for a minimum of _____ years in a _____.
    2, new charred oak barrel
  9. The origin of Seagram's is _____.
  10. The origin of Crown Royal is _____.
  11. The origin of Bulleit Bourbon is _____.
  12. The origin of Bulleit Rye is _____
  13. What type of wood charcoal is used for the "Lincoln County Process"?
    Sugar Maple
  14. Eau de vie are aged in _____.
    stainless steel containers
  15. What is Cognac?
    A double distilled white wine brandy.
  16. Where can Cognac be produced?
    A specific area of western France.
  17. Cognac must be aged in _____ for a minimum of _____.
    oak cask, 2 years
  18. There are six areas where vineyards for Cognac can be. Starting from the center out the first 3 are?
    Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne,The Borderies
  19. The main grape in cognac is _____.
    Ugni Blanc
  20. The Cognac evaporates as it ages the evaporated portion is called _____.
    The Angels Share
  21. A Cognac that is aged 2-4 years is labeled a _____.
  22. With Cognac, VS means _____.
    aged 2-4 years
  23. With Cognac, VS stands for _____.
    very special
  24. VSOP stands for _____.
    Very superior old pale
  25. A Cognac that is aged 4-6 years is labeled a _____.
  26. VSOP is aged _____.
    4-6 years
  27. With Cognac XO stands for _____.
    Extra Old
  28. A Cognac that is aged over 6 years is labeled a _____.
  29. XO means aged _____.
    over 6 years
  30. Fine Champagne is a style of Cognac that _____.
    a minimum of 50% grande champagne and the rest petit champagne.
  31. Armagnac is distilled how many times?
    one time
  32. Armagnac is produced in the _____ region of _____.
    southwest, France
  33. Armagnac uses _____ casks that are _____ liters.
    oak, 400
  34. Eau de vie means?
    water of life
  35. Eau de vie alcohol content ranges from _____% to _____%.
    37, 50
  36. To be classified as Hors d'age armagnac must be _____.
    aged 10 years
  37. Armagnac is a _____ brandy from _____.
    grape, France
  38. What are the five regions of Scotland where single malts are produced?
    1. The Lowlands 2. The Highlands 3. Speyside 4. Islay 5. Campbeltown
  39. Irish whiskey is distilled _____ times.
  40. Scotch is distilled _____ times.
  41. What kind of whiskey uses a "pure pot still"?
    Irish Whiskey
  42. The Excise Act was passed in _____.
  43. What are the 5 types of Scotch?
    Single malt, single grain, blended malt, blended grain, blended scotch whisky
  44. With Scotch whisky does the type have to be displayed on the label?
  45. Can a single malt scotch or a single grain scotch be blended?
  46. What kind of still is used for single grain scotch?
  47. What kind of still is used for single malt scotch?
  48. Single malt scotch whisky must be aged for at least _____.
    3 years
  49. Single malt scotch whisky is made only with _____, _____ and _____.
    100% malted barley, yeast, water
  50. Blended malt scotch whiskey is _____.
    A blend of single malt scotch whiskies from more than one distillery.
  51. A blended scotch whisky is _____.
    a blend of single malt and grain whisky.
  52. It's a process that removes the solid particles so that when water or ice is added to whisky it doesn't turn cloudy.
    chill filtration
  53. The process of making scotch.
    1. Malting 2. Milling 3. Mashing 4. Fermentation 5. Distillation 6. Maturation 7. Blending 8. Bottling
  54. Where can rum be produced?
  55. If a rum is to be called a Puerto Rican rum, it _____.
    must be aged for one year in an American oak whiskey barrel
  56. Aged cachaca has to be aged for minimum of _____ in a _____ barrel.
    1 year, 700 liter
  57. What is Cachaca?
    A distilled spirit from fermented sugarcane juice.
  58. Belvedere. What is the country of origin?
  59. Two types of distilled gin include _____ and _____.
    London Dry Gin, Plymouth Gin
  60. What part of the world can London dry gin be produced?
  61. In vodka production, charcoal filtration is used to remove _____ and _____.
    impurities, congeners
  62. What is the name of the most famous Mexican state for making tequila?
  63. What is cachaca's raw material?
  64. What is the raw material used in the production of tequila?
    Blue Agave
  65. Define vermouth.
    A fortified wine with flavors added.
  66. List 3 main grapes used in French champagne.
    Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier
  67. Name the first top cru for cognac.
    Grande Champagne
  68. What is Absolut vodka made from?
    winter wheat
  69. Name the grape used for cognac.
    ugni blanc
  70. Where is Belvedere from?
  71. What does Amaro mean?
  72. A liqueur must contain at least _____% sugar by weight.
  73. What are the 2 types of liqueurs?
    Generic, Proprietary
  74. A drink that precedes a meal to stimulate an appetite is called an _____.
  75. Aperitif is from what language?
  76. Aperitivo is from what language?
  77. The origins of absinthe are from the _____ in _____.
    late 1700's, Switzerland
  78. Sake is a _____ beverage.
  79. The four essential ingredients in sake are _____, _____, _____ and _____.
    rice, water, koji, yeast
  80. Wort is _____.
    the liquid extracted from the mashing process during the brewing of beer or whiskey.
  81. The liquid extracted from the mashing process during the brewing of beer or whiskey is _____.
  82. What is Perry?
    a pear cider
  83. Soju is from _____.
  84. The types of cachaca are _____ and _____.
    Industrial, Artesanal
  85. The "father of Japanese whiskey" is _____.
  86. The two regions Pisco is from are _____ and _____.
    Chile, Peru
  87. Pomace Brandy is a spirit derived from the _____ of fermented _____.
    distillation, pomace
  88. The most popular Pomace Brandy is _____ from _____.
    Grappa, Italy
  89. Calvados is made from _____, sometimes with a percentage of _____ as well.
    apples, pears
  90. Apple cider is distilled and aged for at least _____ years to create _____.
    3, calvados
  91. What is a vatted Malt?
    Single malts blended together.
  92. What is minimum legal age for tequila reposado?
    2 months
  93. How many charring levels available in bourbon barrel making?
  94. Tequila can be shipped out of Mexico and bottled anywhere. True or False.
  95. A blended American whiskey is a blend of at least _____% _____and the rest is _____.
    20, straight whiskey, grain neutral spirit.
  96. Del Maguey mezcal is produced in the Mexican state of _____.
  97. What does small batch bourbon mean?
    no more than 3 select barrels used
  98. Where does Cruzan rum come from?
    Puerto Rico
  99. The distilled fruit brandy from the region of Pays d'auge is called _____.
  100. List the 3 ingredients used in the making of single malt scotch whiskey.
    Water, Malted barley, yeast
  101. Name 3 styles of vermouth.
    Dry, Red, Bianco
  102. How many crus (growing areas) are in the Cognac region?
  103. The potable drinking alcohol is called _____. The poison is called _____.
    ethanol, methanol
  104. Name a brand of Armagnac from Bas Armagnac.
  105. In which year was the Cognac area of production created?
  106. What is the main flavoring ingredient in Aquavit?
  107. What is Old Tom?
    sweetened Gin
  108. Calvados is _____.
    aged apple brandy
  109. By law Cognac must be distilled 3 times. True or False.
  110. Cachaca is _____.
    distilled sugarcane spirit
  111. Belvedere is from _____ and is a _____ vodka.
    Poland, rye
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