1. liver and large intestine are located in the _______ _____________ region?
    right hypochondriac
  2. structure/organ within left hypochondriac region contains __________, __________, and _________
    liver, stomach, and spleen
  3. epigastric region contains the _______ _________ and the ___________
    gall bladder and liver
  4. right kidney and large intestine can be found in the _______ ________ region?
    right lumbar
  5. _________ ___________ region contains the spleen, pancreas, large intestine, and stomach
    left lumbar region
  6. stomach, pancreas, small and large intestineis found within the ___________ region
  7. appendix and large intestine are with in the _______ _________ regiomn
    right illiac
  8. large intestine is within the ______ ________ region
    left illiac
  9. urinary bladder, prostate gland, ovary, rectum, and large intestine the bronchial arteries arise from ___________ region
    hypogastric region
  10. the Heart is bounded anteriorly by the ________
  11. ____________ is the final product of blood coagulation step in hemostasis
  12. ________ _________ attaches to the greater curvature of the stomach
    greater omemtum
  13. ____________,____________, and___________ are subdivisions of the small intestine
    duodenum, jejunum, ileum
  14. __________, ____________,rectum and ____________ are the subdivisions of the large intestine
    ceccum, colon, ___________, anal canal
  15. clinical significance of the apex of the lung (__________)t he apex sticks up _________ level of first rib into the _______ of the _______
    • capulla
    • above
    • root of the neck
  16. The fibrous framework of dense collagen forms four fibrous rings, which surround the orifices of the valves, right and left ___________ ___________ (formed by connecting the rings, and the membranous parts of the____________ and ______________ septa).
    • fibrous trigones
    • interatrial
    • interventricular
  17. origin of the azygos and the hemiazygos venous system is from IVC, ascending __________ veins & renal veins. Hemiazygos dumps into the azygos..?
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