Chapter 10- Respiratory

  1. Alveolus
    air cells of the lungs
  2. Bronchus
    trachea to lobes
  3. Bronchiole
    smaller branch of bronchus
  4. Cilium
    tiny hair like projections
  5. Complemental air
    inspiratory air volume
  6. Cricoid cartilage
    cartilage of larynx
  7. Diaphragm
    separates the thorax and abdomen
  8. Ductus arteriosus
    connects pulmonary to aorta
  9. Epiglottis
    covers the larynx
  10. Expiration/Exhalation
    breathing out
  11. Glottis
    space between vocal cords, produces sound
  12. Inspiration/Inhalation
    breathing in
  13. Larynx
    top of the trachea, below root of tongue, houses vocal cords
  14. Lungs
  15. Mediastinum
    contains heart and blood vessels
  16. Naris
  17. Pharynx
    between nasal chambers and mouth, passage for food
  18. Pleura
    serous membrane covering lungs and thoracic cavity
  19. Redisual volume
    leftover air in lungs after exhale
  20. Respiration
  21. Retropharynx
    back of the larynx
  22. Supplemental air
    exhalation air
  23. Syrinx
    voice box of birds
  24. Tidal volume
    air inhaled
  25. Trachea
    extends from larynx to bronchi (windpipe)
  26. Turbinates
    bones that support Mm of nose
  27. Vestibule
    front part of nasal cavity/nostrils
  28. Bronchitis
    inflammation of bronchial membranes
  29. Influenza
    acute, contagious respiratory dz transmitted by airborne viral droplets
  30. Laryngitis
    inlfammation of Mm of larynx
  31. Pharyngitis
    inflammation of Mm of pharynx
  32. Plurisy
    inflammation of pleura
  33. Pneumonia
    inflammation and congestion of lung
  34. Psittacosis
    zoonotic respiratory fungal infection of birds (parrot fever)
  35. Rhinitis
    inflammation of nasal Mm
  36. Snuffles
    upper respiratory dz of rabbits
  37. Apnea
    no breathing
  38. Asphyxia
    condition resulting from lack of oxygen
  39. Asthma
    dz of recurring attacks of wheezing and coughing
  40. Atelectosis
    collapse of lung
  41. Auscultation
    listening to sounds within the body
  42. Cordectomy
    excision of all or part of vocal cord (debarking)
  43. Cyanosis
    bluish discoloration of skin or Mm
  44. Dyspnea
    difficult breathing
  45. Epistaxis
  46. Hemothorax
    blood in pleural cavity
  47. Hyperpnea
    abnormally increased respiration
  48. Laryngospasm
    spasmodic closing of larynx
  49. Laryngostomy
    creation of a permanent opening in larynx through neck
  50. Intubation
    insertion of tube into airway
  51. Nasopharyngeal spasn
    reverse sneeze
  52. Percussion
    Light, sharp taps to surface to detect abnormalities by sound produced
  53. Pneumocentesis
    aspiration of fluid from lungs
  54. Pulmonary edema
    fluid accumulation in air sacs and lungs
  55. Purring
    semiautomatic cyclic soft vibrant sounds in cats
  56. Pyothorax
    collection of pus in pleural cavity
  57. Rales
    abnormal breathing sounds heard in lungs
  58. Tracheostenosis
    narrowing of trachea
  59. Tracheostomy
    creation of artificial opening into trachea through neck
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