EMT-Chapter 33-Eye, Face, and Neck Trauma

  1. Sclera
    white of the eye
  2. Assessment and Care Guidelines for Eye Injury
    • Orbits: bruising, swelling, lacerations
    • Eyelids: bruising, swelling, laceration
    • Conjuctivae: Redness, abnormal coloring, laceration
    • Globes: redness, abnormal coloring, laceration
    • Pupils: Size, shape, reactivity to light
    • -Ask patient to follow finger movement, check for eye movement in all directions
    • -If eye is swollen shut, do not attempt to open it
    • -Consult med control before irrigating, do not flush unless it's a chemical burn
    • -Never apply direct pressure to the eye
  3. Cornea
    The clear front portion of the eye that covers the pupil and the iris.
  4. Diplopia
    Double vision
  5. Injury to the Orbits
    • Diplopia
    • Decrease in vision
    • loss of sensation above the eyebrow, cheek, or upper lip
    • tenderness among palpation
    • step-off
  6. Lid Injury
    Bruising, burns, laceration
  7. Injury to the Globe
    Bruising, lacerations, foreign objects, abrasions
  8. Chemical burn to the Eye
    • Begin treatment immediately
    • Water or saline only
  9. Impaled Object in the Eye or Extruded Eyeball
    • Do not replace eye back in socket
    • Place a donut dressing over eyes
    • stabilize impaled object
  10. Contact Lenses
    • Call med control before removal
    • -Chemical burn to eye
    • -Pt unresponsive and wearing hard contact lenses and transport time is delayed
    • -Eyeball injury
  11. Injury to the Face
    • 1. In-line manual stabilization
    • 2. ABCs
    • -inspect broken fragments in the mouth
    • -if broken part still is intact, leave it, transport any separated parts
    • -if the tongue is broken, place an OPA
  12. Injury to Midface, Upper jaw or Lower jaw
    • ALS
    • Stabilize
  13. Objects impaled in the Cheek
    • If obstructs airway, pull it out
    • Occlusive dressing
    • Suction frequently
  14. Neck Injury
    • Manual in line stabilization
    • Control major bleeding
    • ALS
    • Maintain airway
    • Suction as needed
    • Occlusive dressing on four sides
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