1. accurately
    M: Exactamente - correctamente

    S: Correctly
  2. Behavior
    M: Comportamiento

    s: Conduct
  3. Data
    M: Dato

    S: Fact
  4. Bushes
    M: Arbustos

    S: Plants
  5. Damp
    M: Humedad

    S: Humidity
  6. Allow
    M: Permitir

    S: Permit
  7. Adjust
    M: Ajustar

    S: Tingtened
  8. Condensed
    M: Condensa- reduce

    S: Shortened
  9. Activity
    M: Movimiento-actividad

    S: Movement
  10. Camouflaged
    M: Escondido

    S: Hidden
  11. Guided
    M: Dirige - guía

    S: Directed
  12. Leading
    M: Liderar

    S: One in front
  13. Slightly
    M: Ligeramente

    S: nimbly - thin
  14. Look like
    M: Asemejar

    S: Resembles
  15. Beside
    M: Al lado

    S: Next to
  16. Work out
    M: Resolver

    S: Solve
  17. Below
    M: Abajo

    S: Under
  18. Jotted
    M: Anotado

    S: Write
  19. Huge
    M: Enorme - grande

    S: Big
  20. Rush
    M: Prisa

    S: Fast
  21. Purpose
    M: Proposito - razon

    S: Reason
  22. Glow
    M: Brillo

    S: shine
  23. Opened
    M: Expandir- abrir

    S: Spread out
  24. Ladder
    M: Escalera

  25. Decay
    M: Podrirce - estropear

    S: Spoil
  26. Belongs
    M: Pertecer

    S: Owns
  27. Angry
    M: Mal genio- enfadado

    S: Irritated
  28. Worth
    M: Valor- precio

    S: Price - valuable
  29. Poured
    M: Verter -llenar

    S: Fill up
  30. Good deal
    M: Mucho- gran cantidad

    S: Plenty - a lot of - Pile
  31. Promptly
    M: Inmediatamente

    S: fast
  32. Changes
    M: Cambios - enmiendas

    S: Amendments
  33. Watch out
    M: Tener cuidado

    S: Be careful
  34. Obey
    M: Obedecer

    S: teke orders
  35. Leading
    M:Lidera - conduce

    S: front
  36. Lift
    M: Levantar- enderezar

    S: raise - get up
  37. Rear
    M: Atrás-trasero

    S: Back
  38. Lever
    M: Palanca- enderezar

    S: unbend - handle
  39. Hardships
    M: penas, privaciones-sufrimientos-Dificultades

    S: complication
  40. Undergo
    M: Sufrir,someterce
  41. Chief
    M: Principal

    S: Main
  42. Relief
    M: Alivio
  43. Coiled
    M: Enrrollar

    S: Circles
  44. Checked out of
    M: Extraido - sale

    S: Left
  45. Convert
    M: Cambiar

    S: Exchange
  46. Flavor
    M: Sabor

    S: Taste
  47. Stub
    M: Colilla - recibo

    S: Ticket
  48. Share
    M: Compartir

    S: Together
  49. Sharp
    M: En punto

    S: Exactly
  50. Adjust
    M: Ajustar

    S: Tightenend
  51. Spill
    M: Derramar

    S: leak
  52. Cut down
    M: Reducir

    S: Spend less money
  53. Test grade
    M: Calificacion

    S: Result
  54. Come back
    M: Devolver

    S: Return
  55. Try on
    M: Probarse ropa

    S: Put <something> on
  56. Old season
    M: Mes invierno

    S: Winter month
  57. Torn out
    M: Arrancar
  58. Purchase
    M: Comprar

    S: Buy
  59. Ought
    M: Deberias

    S: Should
  60. Make up
    M: Hacer - decidir

    S: Decide
  61. Talk over
    M: Discutir

    S: Discuss
  62. Take a seat
    M: Sentarse

    S: Sit down
  63. Get in
    M: Llegar - arrivar

    S: Arrive
  64. Precede
    M: Enfrente - preceder

    S: In front of
  65. Copy
    M: Copiar-imitar

    S: Reproduce
  66. Have in mind
    M: Tener en mente- pensar

    S: Thinking
  67. Liberty
    M: Libre

    S: Freedom
  68. Civilian
    M: Civil

    S: Non-military
  69. Daily
    M: Diriamente

    S: Seven time a week
  70. Rear
    M: Trasero

    S: Back
  71. Slightly hot
    M: Calido

    S: Warm
  72. Quarter
    M: Cuarto

    S: One fourth
  73. Practically every
    M: Casi todos

    S: Almost all
  74. Leaf
    M: Hoja

    S: Sheet
  75. arranging
    M: Organizar

    S: Putting in order
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