English GK

  1. Select the arrangement of sentences 4, 5, and 6 that provides the most logical sequence of ideas (computers)
    At the time; Next; After
  2. Select the arrangement of sentence 1, 2, and 3 that provides the most logical sequence of ideas...
    In the early 1980s; Jokes were made; Other than students
  3. Choose the sentence which is LEAST relevant to the passage.
    C.) sentence 7
  4. #4.)
  5. "Balloons"
    B.) tossed
  6. "Certain weightlifting equipment"
    C.) used
  7. there, their, they're
    D) no change
  8. well, course, site
    C) cite
  9. A sales manager looks eagerly at all the newly hired...
    D) Good morning everyone! Welcome to company.
  10. A bank executive is trying to convince the bank
    B) this program has a history of profitability
  11. For questions 11 and 12, choose the sentence in which modifiers correctly placed (diamonds)
    B) caused by spots of carbon, most diamonds contain small flaws
  12. #12
    C) settling into the dust of the moon
  13. #13
    kitten will continue to be playful as adults if they are loved and adored
  14. #14
    A) Frequently the instructor asks students to read and summarize an article
  15. hobby for; everyone; gardeners who
    B) everyone. This
  16. tool for; research many; computers instead
    B) research. Many
  17. freeze
    D) no change
  18. took
    C) taken
  19. was; agrees; had overlooked
    B) agreed
  20. was; throws; tied
    B) threw
  21. in Grandmas backyard: is; change; turns
    A) are
  22. A student who...takes; have; arrives
    B) has
  23. The appeals court must appeal...their
    A) its
  24. Cellular phones...You; I
    C) you
  25. Deviant Shamrock- their; they; himself
    C) themselves
  26. Niagara Falls- person; you; she
    B) she
  27. The amazing Annette- he; she; it
    D) no change
  28. In Louisville...they are promoting
    B) city leaders are promoting
  29. When Randy and...me; we; their
    A) I
  30. Bobby and...he; me; its
    B) I
  31. It is about the attorney who provides...free; extreme; physically
    B) extremely
  32. He explained...quickly; correctly; confused
    C) confusing
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