Block 5 Immunology

  1. Which set of proteins help neutrophils roll along the endothelium
    p-selectin and Sialyl-lewis^x
  2. TNF
    • Tumor Necrosis Factor
    • released by hyperactivated macrophages
    • TNF signals itself to make more IL12
    • TNF and IL12 both signal NK cells to make more IFNgamma and IL2
    • IFNgamma is a signal from NK to macrophage to hyperactivate
    • IL2 is a signal to itself(NK) to proliferate

    • Per MCQ TNF also:
    • Activates vascular endothelial cells
    • increases vascular permeability
    • increases entry of complement into tissue
    • increase fluid drainage into lymph
    • *these are all part of innate response
  3. IL6
    Who secretes?
    Need more details?
    induces hepatic synthesis of of acute phase proteins and the fever response
  4. DP thymocytes vs DN thymocytes
    DP: is after it has picked the B over GD and CD 4 and 8 are made. But, now the competition between AB and GD restarts

    DN: no CD 4 nor 8.  Can go GD or B
  5. productive vs nonproductive rearrangement
    productive is a protein that is usable.  I guess sometimes after rearrangement the product can be useless
  6. NFkB pathway
    • Ch 14.3 adjuvants
    • activates macrophages after it has taken up adjuvant.
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Block 5 Immunology
Block 5 immunology