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  1. what is the only shock that has
    increased co?
    increased pcwp?
    increased mixed venous o2 saturation?
    • septic
    • cardiogenic
    • septic
  2. rx for central retinal artery occlusion
    • massage and oxygen is 1st line
    • intraarterial tpa is 2nd line withing 4 hours
  3. arterial occlusion is treated how?
    intraarterial tpa, not systemic
  4. reaction formation
    doing opposite of what you feel
  5. when do you automatically give penicillin for gbs regardless of the culture
    gbs during pregnancy or prior pregnancy wiht baby having gbs sepsis
  6. palpable bilateral kidney masses
  7. long term management of high calcium due to malignancy
  8. rx for lichen planus and lichen sclerosus
    high dose steroids
  9. cord like veins in the extremeties + weightloss + abdominal pain
    pancreatitc cancer--migratory thrombophelbiti
  10. when is aldosterone affected with adrenal insuffieicncy?
    • when it is primary only,
    • if it is 2nd or tertiary then it is not affected
  11. what is the most common cause of digoxin toxicity
  12. asymptomatic hydrocele at birth
    leave it alone
  13. next step in evaluation of a patient with bph
    urinalysis and cr
  14. rx for roseaeas
    topical metro
  15. prophylaxis for malaria in inda and africa
  16. pyelonephritis not responsive to proper abx, next step
  17. rx for reiters syndrome
  18. what vitamin increases the activity of warfarin
    vitamin E
  19. side effect of leep or cold knife conization
    cervical stenosis or cervical incompetence
  20. how is septic abortion managed
    cervical and blood cutlures, antibiotics and gentle suction
  21. what comorbid condition appears with tourettes
    • ocd
    • adhd
  22. rx for battery in esophagus
    distal to esophagus like in stomach
    • endoscopical removal
    • observe
  23. first step in torticollis
    causes of torticollis?

    uri, retropharyngeal abscess atlantoaxial dislocation
  24. when do you intubate from house fires
    • carboxyhemoglobin>10%
    • any kind of carbon dust or erythema around the face
  25. rx for pyelonephritis
    • oral cipro
    • iv ampicillin/gentamycin
  26. difference in presentation between cmv vs hsv retinitis
    • cmv--painless
    • herpes--painfull
  27. most important step to decrease blood pressure
    weight loss
  28. thrombosis occurs with what hematological disorders?
    • pnh
    • polycythemia vera
  29. pap smear is done untill what age?
    • 65
    • 75
  30. what food items increase warfarins activity and produces bleeding
    st johns wert and vitamins
  31. ct changes with alzheimers
  32. what meds treat aortic regurg
    afterload reduct0rs
  33. a clue to aortic regurd
    wide pulse pressure
  34. most common cause of epiglottitis
    • h influenza
    • strep pyogenes
  35. ileus vs small bowel obstruction
    • ileus--is no bowel sounds
    • sbo-hyperactive bowel sounds
  36. when is quadruple screen done
    2nd trisemester
  37. how can you tell its alcoholi hepatitis from labs
    ast/alt ratio of 2/1 and absolute values of alt and ast are< 500
  38. ovarian torsion sympptoms
    • pain radiatin gto back and groin
    • nausea and vomiting
  39. rx for hemochromatosis
    • phlebotomy
    • 2nd line is deferoxime
  40. symptoms of osteogenesis imprefecta
    • teeth
    • eyes
    • ears
    • brittle bones
  41. based on what marker do you treat hep b
    hep b surface antigen
  42. sensation of full ear + vertigo
  43. when do you do endometrial biopsy for dub
    • if age >35
    • obesity
    • dm
  44. dermatatits herpetiformis can occur where?
  45. rx for dermatitis herpetiformis
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