compendium official test 4

  1. A CSR license expires on:
    The end of the month of the birthday of the certificate holder
  2. If a certificate is not renewed within three years what must the reporter do to obtain a certificate:
    • +Pay the fees
    • +meet all requirements and qualifications in obtaining the original certificate, including qualifying for, taking, and passing the licensing examination
  3. Within how many days must the CRB be notified of a change of address or change of name:
    30 days
  4. A CSR's license can be suspended or revoked for the following reasons:
    • +repeated and unexcused failures to transcribe notes of cases pending on appeal
    • +conviction of any felony or misdemeanor which is related to the duties of a CSR
    • +loss or destruction of stenographic notes that prevents the production of a transcript due to negligence
  5. The Transcript Reimbursement Fund was established to:
    Assist low-income litigants in civil cases to purchase transcripts
  6. Personal recording devices can be used in a courtroom:
    Only for personal notes and only with advanced permission from the judge.
  7. Oral communications from and to the jury during the trial are:
    Always recorded by the reporter for the official record.
  8. When an electronic recording is played in a court proceeding:
    The reporter need not take down or transcribe the electronic recording unless ordered to do so by the judge
  9. Upon the filing of a Writ petition (filing that a party makes with an appeals court in order to secure a speedy review) in a juvenile proceeding, the reporter has how many days by which to file the completed transcripts:
  10. If a party files a Notice of Appeal and has an inadequate amount of money on deposit for the appeal transcript, the reporter must do what?
    notify the appellate and file a Notice of Insufficient funds with the appellate clerk within 15 days.
  11. If a party has a fee waiver from the Superior Court:
    The party should apply to the Court Reporters Board and the Transcript Reimbursement Fund for approval to have the reporter paid via TRF
  12. The reporter must reference exhibits within the body of the transcript:
    • +at the first instance which an exhibit is identified
    • +at each instance which an exhibit is admitted into evidence
    • +at each instance which an exhibit is refused to be admitted into evidence.
  13. In an unlimited jurisdiction civil case, the reporter has how many days from mailing of the Notice to Prepare Transcript by which to file the appellate transcript?
    30 days from reporter's receipt of Notice
  14. A reporter only has to provide a computer-readable format of a transcript in a non-death penalty appeal:
    • +when it is requested
    • +when the court orders it
  15. The reporter only has to provide an index for an appellate transcript:
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