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  1. AAP
    Additional Attendant Panel
  2. ABCs
    • Actively monitor and assess
    • Balance available barriers
    • Communicate threats and intensions
    • Follow SOPs
  3. ABP
    Able Bodied Passenger
  4. ACP
    Area Call Panel
  5. AED
    Automated External Defibrillator
  6. AIP
    Attendant Indication Panel
  7. COG
    Chemical Oxygen Generator
  8. CRM
    Crew Resource Management: Strategy to assist in maintaining a culture of safety. Effective use of all resources: software, hardware, and humanware.
  9. CRO
    Complaint Resolution Official
  10. CRS
    Child Restraint System
  11. EEMK
    Enhanced Emergency Medical Kit
  12. ELS
    Emergency Light Switch
  13. FAK
    First Aid Kit
  14. FAM
    Federal Air Marshal
  15. FAP
    Flight Attendant Panel
  16. LEO
    Law Enforcement Officer
  17. LSK
    Lavatory Service Kit
  18. OAH
    Onboard Announcement Handbook
  19. OHB
    Overhead Bin
  20. PBE
    Protective Breathing Equipment
  21. PED
    Portable Electronic Devices
  22. POB
    Portable Oxygen Bottle
  23. POC
    Portable Oxygen Concentrator
  24. PSK
    Passenger Service Kit
  25. PSU
    Passenger Service Unit
  26. SEP
    Supplemental Equipment Pouch
  27. SER
    Safety Event Report
  28. TEM
    Threat and Error Management
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