1. intricate
    complex; complicated
  2. intimidation
    fear, restraint or discouragement caused by threat
  3. personification
    giving human qualities to an inanimate object or idea
  4. antipathy
    feeling of strong dislike; opposite of sympathy
  5. scalpel
    small, light straight knife with very sharp blade, used in surgery and in anatomical dissections
  6. sedulous
    steadily busy or attentive; diligent
  7. levity
    lack of seriousness; inappropriate lightheartedness
  8. amenable
    persuadeable; submissive
  9. decrepitude
    weakness because of advanced age or infirmity; state of being worn out or nearly useless
  10. malfeasance
    misconduct or wrongful action, especially while in a position of trust
  11. filial
    pertaining to relationship between children and their parents
  12. invidious
    arousing dislike or ill will; offensive because of discrimination
  13. obsolescent
    become obsolete; growing uesless
  14. parody
    humorous and ridiculing imitation
  15. schizophrenic
    suffering from  a mental disorder characterized by withdrawal from reality
  16. moribund
    near death or termination; dying
  17. candelabrum
    large candleholder with brances supporting several candles
  18. anachronism
    something out of place in time
  19. latent
    existing but not energized; dormant
  20. extemporary
    spoken or performed without prior practice or memorization
  21. infer
    to conclude or derive from something assumed, known or implied
  22. ognomen
    the family name; surname
  23. filament
    a thin threadlike object
  24. obtrusive
    pushing forward or outward
  25. affront
    challenging insult
  26. alimentary
  27. morose
    gloomy; sullen
  28. calumny
    false and injurious accusation or statement; defamation; slander
  29. morass
    a marsh or bog; a difficult place or situation to get out of
  30. extirpated
    eradicated; exterminated; erased
  31. infamous
    famous for bad qulities; notorious
  32. adage
    an old saying of instructive value; a proverb
  33. filch
    to steal slyly
  34. obsequious
    overly obedient or attentive; fawning
  35. affluence
  36. alacrity
    eager and cheerful willingness or readiness
  37. motif
    a dominant, recurrent, and characterizing theme, patter, or feature
  38. motley
    of many different colors or varied characteristics; heterogenous
  39. callow
    inexperienced; immature
  40. aperture
    hole; opening
  41. essence
    the most essential and characterizing aspect; the deep and true character; a perfume
  42. estranged
    separated; alienated
  43. estuary
    the wide mouth of a river where it merges with an ocean or sea
  44. misanthrope
    one who hates or constantly distrusts mankind
  45. miscegenation
    intermixing of races by marriage or sexual relations
  46. mitigate
    to make or become milder, less painful, less severe, less blameworthy
  47. subsume
    to put into or include within a larger classs or category
  48. ethereal
    light and airy; celestial; heavenly
  49. ethical
    conforming to accepted or prescribed standards of conduct
  50. blight
    a disease which destroys plants
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