Anything Goes

  1. Cabin scenes
    Mood: Why don't you put on your other glassess?
    Whitney: I don't have another pair.
    Moon: Good. That's what I wanted to know.
    (Entre P4 then down to P1)
    Moon: Well, I stole his glasses. We'll be OK aqs long as the aptain doesn't show
    (Knock on cabin door)

    Ema: Who is it?

    The Captain.
  2. Moon: Come in.
    (Stand at an angel to audience)

    Sorry to disturb you, Doctor, but does a Mr Murrey Hill Flowers occupy this cabin?
  3. Moon: Not very often. Is anything wrong?
    (With authority)

    • We've had a radiogram from Washington.
    • The man you're travelling with is not Murrray Hill Flowers.

    He's Snake Eyes Johnson.

    Public Enemy Number One.
  4. Ema: Public Enemy Number One!
    Moon: Santa Domimgo!
    (Pating Moon reasuringly)

    Don't worry, Doctor,

    my men can handle him.

    If he does turn up,

    just give me a shout.
  5. (Start to walk out)

    Ema give a shout as Billy's leg pops out.

    (Look back confused) 

    Emma: Just practicing.
    (Look at her eyebrows raised then exit P4 SL)
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Anything Goes