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  1. The engine section from which bleed air is usually taken is the?
  2. What is the approximate temperature and pressure of engine bleed air as it is tapped from the engine compression section?
    200 psi and 900 F
  3. Which component determines the amount of bleed air bled from a gas turbine compressor?
    Load control valve
  4. What engine bleed air component prevents a loss of air through the engine when it is shutdown?
    Check valve
  5. What component stops the flow of air to the air-conditioning system?
    System shutoff valve
  6. Why are orifices installed between the air source and the air-conditioning system?
    To control the amount of bleed air drawn of the air source
  7. What is the bleed air system component that protects downstream components from excessive pressure by controlling the airflow?
    Pressure limiter
  8. The amount of airflow through a pressure limiter is effected by each of these?
    Inlet pressure, inlet temperature, and differential pressure
  9. The flow control valve control in the bleed air air-conditioning system controls flow by maintaining a constant differential pressure between the?
    Inlet and throat of the venturi
  10. To remedy the limitations of a flow control valve, which bleed air system component is usually installed upsteam of the flow control valve?
    Pressure regulator and shutoff valve
  11. What is the bleed air system component that modulates to maintain a constant downstream air pressure?
    Airflow regulator
  12. The lockout butterfly of the airflow regulator has an offset center of rotation. This design gives the butterfly a pressure that is unbalanced towards which position?
  13. After replacing a bleed air system air-conditioning airflow regulator fusible plug, you must also reset the?
    Pneumatic switch
  14. The downstream air temperature of the bleed air air-conditioning system has exceeded the predetermined temperature. This has caused the butterfly to close. What flow control and shutoff valve component will now open?
    Thermal switch
  15. While installing a bleed air system bolted flange face duct end, you use a new crush-type gasket, align the flange, and insert the bottom bolts first to form a cradle. Then, you install the remaining bolts and tighten all the nuts. After installation is complete you perform an operational check that reveals a leak. From the above information what important procedure did you overlook?
    Flange bolts were not torqued in the proper sequence
  16. What type of high-pressure/high-temperature ducting does not require a gasket?
    Compressible flange
  17. What corrective action should be taken when a compressible flange duct end becomes distorted?
    Reshape the duct flange ends to its original shape
  18. Which lubricant can be used on a beaded channel clamp sleeve to ease installation?
  19. Expansion joints in bleed air systems are best used on?
    Short runs of ducting
  20. An operation check of the bleed air system consists of an electrical operational checkout of the?
    Wing isolation and bleed air shutoff valves
  21. Leaks can best be detected during an operational check of the bleed air distribution system by?
    Listening and feeling
  22. Bleed air leaks are permissible around?
    Valve shafts
  23. You perform a bleed air system leakage check using the pressure decay method with aircraft engine; the time for the pressure to drop 30 psi took 11 seconds. This indicates that the system leakage test?
    Results are within allowable limits
  24. Low engine pressure ratio (EPR) could be caused by a bleed air system that has?
    A clamp that has been improperly installed
  25. An excessive pressure in the bleed air system can cause an ususually high cockpit temperature due to?
    An over speeding turbine
  26. The small drill hole in the outlet of some engine bleed air shutoff valves serves to?
    Check the valve position
  27. An aircraft's bleed air cooling air system precooler is also known as the?
    Primary heat exchanger
  28. A precooler assembly is usually a self-contained cooling package with its own?
    Temperature control system
  29. Skip #29
    Skip #29
  30. Hot bleed air used for air-conditioning is cooled in a heat exchanger by?
    Ram air
  31. To create a greater cooling effect, atomized water is sprayed across the inlet of the bleed air system secondary heat exchanger by the?
    Water aspirator
  32. One purpose of the fan in the bleed air system cooling turbine and fan assembly is to prevent?
    Turbine over speeding
  33. Bleed air system water separators remove 70 to 85 percent of the moisture that accumulates in the conditioned air. This is accomplished as a result of?
    Rapid expansion
  34. The bleed air system water separator anti-icing system prevents the condenser bag from icing by keeping turbine?
    Outlet temperature above 32 F
  35. The bleed air system component that causes the aircraft cooling turbine to slow down when an icing condition occurs is the?
    Ice control screen
  36. What air source ventilates the cockpit when smoke or fumes are discharged from the air-conditioning system?
    Atmospheric air
  37. When a fighter aircraft air-conditioning system is being operated on the ground, the ram air necessary to cool the bleed air flowing through the heat exchangers is provided by the?
    Ejector valve
  38. How is the warning light in the cockpit activated if duct pressure on a fighter air-conditioning system becomes excessive?
    Turbine overspeed switch
  39. The temperature of conditioned air going to the crew compartment depends on the position of the?
    Cabin dual-temperature mixing valve
  40. Where does the final stage of cooling take place before the conditioned air enters the crew area of a fighter aircraft?
    Expansion turbine
  41. What air-conditioning component prevents excessive moisture from reaching the cockpit of a fighter aircraft?
    Water separator
  42. Bleed air inlet pressure is maintained at 40 psig (at sea level) on a bomber air-conditioning system (ACS) by the?
    ACS pressure regulator and shutoff valve
  43. On a bomber aircraft, the cabin ducting manual control valves are closed and the cabin zone controller is calling for heat. Under these conditions, the component that keeps the hot air supply ducts and couplings from rupturing is the?
    CTCS pressure regulator and shutoff valve
  44. An increase or decrease in control pressure causes a distinct butterfly position for the flow control valve in the bomber ACS. The increase or decrease is sensed by the flow control?
  45. The turbine inlet sensor on a cargo air-conditioning system has sensed a temperature in excess of 210 F. This will cause what component to close?
    Flow control valve
  46. The cargo aircraft temperature control component that produces an electrical signal that causes the temperature control valve to increase or decrease compartment temperature as required to correct an unbalanced bridge condition is the temperature conrol?
  47. Pressure to the floor heat ejector on a cargo aircraft floor heat system is regulated by the?
    Floor heating modulating valve
  48. On a cargo type aircraft, the function of the floor heat system pneumatic anticipator is to?
    Respond to rapid temperature changes
  49. The purpose of the anti-G suit system is to supply air pressure to?
    Inflate the pilot's anti-G suit
  50. The probable cause of a partially effective windshield defogging system is?
    A loose or collapsed duct
  51. Which adjustment potentiometer adjusts the width of the NESA glass temperature range?
  52. If #4 and #5 NESA pilot's window are inoperative and #3 window is operating satisfactory, the probable cause is the?
    Thermal switch and wiring
  53. To determine if the NESA autotransformer is operating properly, what power requirement should be applied after you disconnect leads X1 or X2?
    115 VAC, 400 Hz
  54. The venturi in the windshield rain removal system?
    Prevents the primary heat exchanger from overheating
  55. Bleed air airflow through the anti-icing distribution tube is modulated by the control valve in response to temperature changes that are sensed by the?
    Pneumatic thermostat
  56. During aircraft takeoff, the air-to-air heat exchanger outlet temperatures exceed the normal operating ranges. The air-conditioning system components that could cause this condition are faulty ground-cooling?
  57. During flight, the air-condtitioning system is delivering only cold air, this malfunction could be caused by the?
    Temperature sensor
  58. Which condition will not cause high temperatures in the cockpit during group operation?
    Stuck open ground ejector valve
  59. Which pressurization range maintains a constant cabin pressure?
  60. The action of the outflow valve in a fixed-isobaric, single-differential pressurization system is controlled by?
    Regulating control chamber pressure
  61. Which section of the dual-differential cabin pressure regulator prevents the outflow calve from slamming shut and causing a rapid buildup of cabin pressure?
    Rate control
  62. If the dual-differential cabin pressure regulator should fail during flight, cabin pressure would be maintained by the?
    Outflow valves
  63. The isobaric range of a pressurization system can be varied by the?
    Altitude selector
  64. The manual control calve in the cariable isobaric pressurization system is used as an alternate when the?
    Cabin pressure controller fails
  65. Which component provides the control by which the canopy seal is inflated and deflated in unison with the opening and closing of the canopy?
    Pressure regulator
  66. Which component allows each cabin pressurization system outflow safety valve to operate at the same time and to be subject to the same pressure?
    Pneumatic relay
  67. Which condition would cause an aircraft to not pressurize?
    Manual control valve stuck open
  68. If one outflow safety valve opens when the aircraft starts to pressurize, you should check the corresponding?
    Pneumatic relay
  69. The timed pressure drop method determines cabin pressure leakage by measuring?
    The pressure decrease
  70. When performing a cabin pressure leakage test using the flow rate test method, you would use a flowmeter to indicate the?
    Cabin air leakage
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