Emergencies 2 Emergencies 3

  1. Distribution Gas Mains Deliver?
    • High Pressure- 60 PSI
    • Medium Pressure-3-15 PSI
    • Low Pressure- 1/4 PSI

    • 1/4 PSI-most customers
    • 1-3-some Commercial
  2. Most Gas shutoffs are 1/4 turn counterclockwise
    Key operating nut is parallel to piping, it is in open position

    Perpendicular= closed position
  3. Priority order of Gas Shutdown is?
    • Appliance Valve- 1/4 turn
    • Meter Valve- 1/4 turn..Master Meter-1/4 turn
    • Head of Service Valve-most are 1/4 turn
    • Exterior Gas Riser Valve- 1/4 turn
    • Curb Valve- 1/4 turn (long service)
    • Street Valve
  4. Do Not Operate Street Valves except under extreme circumstance and only upon direction of the fire department Incident Commander AFTER consultation with the utility representative supervisor
  5. Do not turn the CURB VALVE..
    More than 15 times
  6. Plastic Pipe is not allowed to be used as gas pipe inside of a structure
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