Mark 4 vocab

  1. πληστος
    very great, most (superlative of polus)
  2. εξανατελλω
    to raise up, make to spring up, rise up
  3. καυματιζω
    to scorch, burn (kauma is heat)
  4. συμπνιγω
    to throttle, choke, crowd
  5. εκατον
    one hundred
  6. συνιημι
    pr. send together, to understand, comprehend
  7. προσκαιρος
    opportune, temporary, transient
  8. ειτα
    then, afterwords, besides (w/ circumflex. W/ other accent it means whether)
  9. διωγμος
    pr. chase, pursuit, persecution
  10. μεριμνα
    care, anxiety
  11. απατη
    deceit, deception, delusion
  12. μοδιος
    Roman measure for things dry, about a peck (2 gallons, 8 dry quarts)
  13. κλινη
    bed, couch (recline)
  14. καθευδω
    to sleep
  15. βλαστανω
    germinate, bud, sprout. trans. and caus. cause to choot, to produce, yield
  16. μηκυνω
    to lengthen, prolong. mid. to grow up (plants)
  17. αυτοματος
    acting spontaneously, of his own accord
  18. σιτος
    corn, grain, wheat
  19. σταχυς
    ear of corn, head of grain
  20. δρεπανον
  21. κοκκος
    kernel, grain, seed
  22. σιναπι
  23. λαχανον
    vegetable, garden herb
  24. κλαδος
    bough, branch, shoot
  25. σκια
    shadow, shade
  26. κατασκηνοω
    to pitch ones tent, rest in, settle, abide
  27. οψιος
  28. περαν
    beyond, across, over, on the other side
  29. αφιημι
    send away, dismiss, send forth, ...forgive
  30. λαιλαψ
    squall, hurricane
  31. κυμα
  32. γεμιζω
    to fill
  33. πρυμνα
    hinder part of a vessel, stern
  34. μελει
    there is a care, it concerns
  35. σιωπαω
    to be silent, keep silence
  36. κοπαζω
    pr. to grow weary, suffer exhaustion, abate, be stilled
  37. γαληνη
    a calm
  38. δειλος
    timid fearful, cowardly
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