sys 5 msc

  1. megaloblast
    unsually large rbc caused by folate or vb12 deficiency
  2. thalassemia
    production of Hb molecyle affected
  3. g6pd deficiency
    • rbc metabolism problem
    • hemolytic anemia
    • gluththione protects from radicals
  4. Is iron directly involved in RBC production?
    no, folate/b12 erythpoeitin
  5. reticulocytosis
    Reticulocytosis is a condition where there is an increase in immature red blood cell, seen in anemia. They are seen on blood films when the bone marrow is highly active
  6. hemolytic anemia
    • jaudice
    • reticulocytosis
    • sickle cell
    • G6PD deficency
    • pyrimidine nuclease deficiency
  7. who is the dentst concerned about?
    • leukopenia
    • leukemia, lymphoma
  8. neutophil count
    • less than 1500 bad
    • less than 1000 infection
  9. chemo patient when to treat
    • treat before chemo
    • treat at free intervals
  10. aPTT partial thromboplastin time measures
    factor 8
  11. PT time (12-14 sec) measures
    factor 7
  12. INR
    compares one lab results to another
  13. platlet count normal
    • 150-300k
    • thrombocytopenia less than 100k
    • more than 50k needed for surgery
  14. congenital platlet disease(vW)
    • vW disase, imparing of platelet adhesion
    • administer demopressin, alphanate viral inactivaated factor 8-vW
  15. antifibrinolytics
    • inhibit plasminogen activation
    • administer prior to surgery and 5d post-op
  16. vW disease dont give
    NSAIDs, aspirin
  17. pavix/clopidogrel,, prasugrel, aspirin
    do not discontinue for routine oral surgery
  18. hemophillia(x-linked)
    • A; facor 8
    • B; factor 10

    manage via factor replacement and aspirin
  19. coumadin
    • anticoagnulant, comp antagonist for vitamin K
    • some INRs require this for DVT, A-fib
  20. dental surgery injection extration with INR<3 on coumadin
    if INR level is confirmed, OK
  21. multiple teeth, INR, less or equal 1.5
    consult doctor
  22. oral factor 10a inhibitors
    blocks clot
  23. normal INR levels
    0.8-1.2, higher on anticoagulants
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