BMW terminal description

  1. B+
    battery positive
  2. B-
    battery negative
  3. KL
    standardized abbreviation for clamp or terminal number
  4. KL_0
    ignition switch off
  5. KL_R
    voltage ignition switch in acc, run, start. hot (12V) in acc, run, start
  6. KL_15
    voltage ignition switch in run, start. hot (12V) in run, start
  7. KL_15N
    f01/f02 voltage ignition switch in run, start. hot (12V) in run, start
  8. KL_15U/15i
    voltage ignition switch in run. hot (12V) in run
  9. KL_30
    12V at all times (relay work power). hot (12V) at all times
  10. KL_30g
    12V with time disconnection
  11. KL_30B
    f01/f02 12V with time disconnection
  12. KL_30g-f
    12V with fault disconnection
  13. KL_30F
    f01/f02 12V with fault disconnection
  14. KL_30H
    starter signal
  15. KL_31
  16. KL_50
    voltage ignition switch in start. hot (12V) in start
  17. KL_58
    interior lighting dimmer signal
  18. KL_61
    ground with alternator output, 12V with KL_15
  19. 85
    relay coil ground (signal) control side
  20. 86
    relay coil B+ control side
  21. 87
    relay output work side
  22. 87a
    relay output work side at rest
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BMW terminal description
names and codes of BMW electronic circuit terminals