BMW Acronyms

  1. AB
  2. ABL
  3. ABS
    antilock brakes
  4. ACSM
    advanced crash safety module
  5. ADS
    engine intake air control
  6. AGS
    adaptive transmission control
  7. AIC
    automatic interval control (rain sensor)
  8. AL
    active steering (see also AS or AFS)
  9. ARS
    active roll stabilization
  10. ASC
    all season traction
  11. ASC+T
  12. ASK
    audio system controller
  13. AST
    slip control (marketing term)
  14. AUC
    automatic air recirculation
  15. AZD
    tightening torque
  16. B
    benzene (gasoline)
  17. BC
    board computer
  18. BC1
    body controller 1
  19. BLS
    brake light switch
  20. BMBT
    board monitor
  21. BS
    block diagram
  22. BSD
    bit serial data interface
  23. BST
    battery safety terminal
  24. BZM
    center console control center
  25. CAS
    car activation system
  26. CBC
    corner brake control
  27. CAN-bus
    controller area network bus
  28. CIC
    car information computer
  29. CID
    central information display
  30. CIM
    chassis integration module
  31. CVM
    convertible top module
  32. CVT
    constantly variable transmission
  33. D-bus
    diagnostic bus (also TXD)
  34. D-CAN
    diagnosis on controller area network
  35. DBC
    dynamic brake control
  36. DCS
    dealer communication system
  37. DDE
    digital diesel electronics
  38. DIN
    german industrial standards
  39. DIS
    diagnosis and information system
  40. DISA
    differential air intake control
  41. DK
    throttle housing
  42. DKI
    throttle position
  43. DME
    digital motor electronics
  44. DM-TL
    diagnostic module tank leakage
  45. DSC
    dynamic stability control
  46. DSP
    digital sound processing
  47. DTC
    diagnostic trouble code
  48. DWA
    theft deterrent system
  49. DWS
    tire pressure warning system
  50. EBO
    installation location
  51. EBV
    electronic brake proportioning
  52. ECM
    electronic control module
  53. EDC
    electronic dampening control
  54. EDK
    electronic throttle valve
  55. EGS
    electronic transmission control
  56. EH
    electronic hydraulic
  57. EHC
    electronic height control
  58. EKP
    electronic fuel pump
  59. EKPS
    electronic fuel pump control
  60. ELV
    electronic steering lock
  61. EM
  62. EMF
    electro-mechanical emergency brake
  63. EML
    electronic motor load regulation
  64. EO
    component location
  65. EPC
    electronic parts catalog
  66. ETM
    electronic troubleshooting manual
  67. Ethernet
    cabled data network technology for local data networks
  68. EWS
    electronic driveaway protection
  69. FB
    functional description
  70. F-CAN
    chassis controller area network
  71. FD
    rear display
  72. FEB
    fault elimination
  73. FBZV
    radio frequency locking
  74. FLA
    high beam assistant
  75. FlexRay
    fast, present and fault-tolerant bus system for use in automotive applications
  76. FRU
    flat rate unit
  77. FRM
    footwell module
  78. FTD
    vehicle technical diagnosis
  79. FUB
    functional description
  80. FZD
    roof function center
  81. GAL
    speed dependent volume
  82. GM
    general module
  83. GMR
    yaw rate control
  84. GPS
    global positioning system
  85. GSW
    gear selector switch
  86. HDC
    hill descent control
  87. HFM
    hot film mass air meter
  88. HKL
    luggage compartment lift lid
  89. HSB3
    heating/ventilation 3rd row
  90. HSR
    rear suspension slip angle control
  91. HUD
    head up display
  92. IB
    interior lighting control signal
  93. ICM
    integrated chassis management
  94. I-bus
    information bus
  95. IHKA
    automatic heating and a/c
  96. IHKR
    regulated heating and a/c
  97. IHKS
    standard heating and a/c
  98. IKE
    instrument cluster electronics
  99. IR
  100. ISIS
    intelligent safety integration system
  101. ISN
    individual serial number
  102. JBE
    junction box electronics
  103. KAFAS
    camera based driver assistance system
  104. KAT
    catalytic converter
  105. KATON
    converter heating (signal)
  106. K-bus
    body bus
  107. K-CAN
    body controller area network
  108. KFA
    function changes to vehicle
  109. KL
    terminal designation
  110. KO
    compressor "on" signal
  111. KOMBI
    instrument cluster
  112. KOREL
    compressor relay signal
  113. KW
  114. LCM
    lamp check module
  115. LDP
    leak diagnosis pump
  116. LEV
    low emissions vehicle
  117. LIN-bus
    local interconnect network bus
  118. Local-CAN
    local controller area network
  119. LL
    closed throttle
  120. LRA
    vertical headlamp aiming
  121. LSM
    steering column memory
  122. LSZ
    lamp switching center
  123. LVA
    air supply system
  124. LWR
    vertical headlamp aiming
  125. LWS-5
    steering angle sensor
  126. MBC
    maximum brake control
  127. MDK
    motorized throttle valve
  128. MFL
    multifunction steering wheel
  129. MFC
    multifunction controller
  130. MID
    multi-information display
  131. MoDiC
    mobile diagnostic computer
  132. MOST
    media oriented system transport
  133. MRS
    multiple restraint system
  134. MSR
    engine drag torque reduction
  135. NG
    new generation
  136. NVE
    night vision electronics
  137. OBC
    on board computer
  138. OBD
    on board diagnostics
  139. PB
    pin assignments
  140. P-bus
    periphery bus
  141. PDC
    park distance control
  142. PIB
    pin assignments
  143. PT-CAN
    powertrain controller area network
  144. PWG
    pedal position sensor
  145. RDC
    tire pressure control
  146. RDW
    tire pressure warning
  147. REP
    repair instructions
  148. RPS
    rollover protection system
  149. RPW
    tire puncture warning
  150. RSE
    rear seat entertainment
  151. RXD
    wake up diagnostics line
  152. RZV
    direct stationary ignition
  153. SB
    fuse assignments
  154. SBE
    seat occupancy detector
  155. SCA
    soft close actuator
  156. SDARS
    satellite tuner (US)
  157. SG
    control unit
  158. SGS
    seat integrated belt system
  159. SHD
    sunroof module
  160. SIA
    service interval indicator
  161. SIT
    service information technology
  162. SM
    seat module
  163. SP
  164. SPI
    vehicle software information
  165. ST
    connector view
  166. STA
    connector view
  167. SSP
    wiring diagram
  168. SWW
    lane change warning
  169. SWZ
    special tool
  170. SZL
    steering column switch cluster
  171. SZM
    central switch center module
  172. VL
    full load-wide open throttle
  173. VM
    video module
  174. VSW
    video switch
  175. WK
    converter lock up clutch
  176. WUP
    wake up line
  177. ZGM
    central gateway module
  178. ZKE
    central body electronics
  179. ZV
    central locking system
  180. ZWD
    idle control valve
  181. TCU
    Telematics Control Unit
  182. TD
    Engine Speed
  183. TED
    Technical Data
  184. ti
    Injector on Time
  185. TL
    Part Throttle
  186. TLEV
    Transitional Low Emission Vehicle
  187. TPMS
    Tire Pressure Monitor System
  188. TRS
    Battery Isolation Switch
  189. TRSVC
    Top Rear Side View Camera
  190. TU
    Technical Update
  191. TXD
    Transmitting Diagnostics Line
  192. ULF-SBX
    Universal Charger and Hands Free Unit, Interface Box(Bluetooth Telephony)
  193. VANOS
    Variable Camshaft Timing
  194. VDM
    Vertical Dynamics Management
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