Kapp Lectures

  1. What is hemochromatosis?
    Iron overload: too much iron absorption in the gut which leads to accumulation of iron in the other organs mainly the liver, heart, and pancreas
  2. What is a genotype?
    A particular genetic constitution
  3. What is a phenotype?
    The observable characteristics of your genotype
  4. What is Mendel's First Law?
    Equal Segregation -  Traits are inherited via factors (genes) that are divided equally among the gametes and are brought together during fertilization in the next generation (factors come in different varieties = alleles)
  5. What is Mendel's Second Law?
    Independent Assortment - The factors (genes) are segregated independently of each other (by chance) to the gametes
  6. What is haploinsufficiency?
    Half is not enough. Loss of one allele maybe due to a mutation
  7. What is a hemizygous?
    Having only a single copy of a gene from one or the other parent
  8. What does Meiosis 1 separate?
    Homologous chromosomes
  9. What does Meiosis II separate?
    Sister chromatids
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