SAT Vocab Cards Day 8

  1. resurgent
    • DEFINITION: to rise again; to sweep or surge back
    • SENTENCE: Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, and under his leadership, the resurgent company introduced the iPod and iPhone.
    • SYNONYMS: comeback, revived, returned
    • ANTONYMS: regression, weakned, remission
  2. deleterious
    • DEFINITION:  going down in the sense of having  a harmful effect; injurious
    • SENTENCE:  Excess weight can have a number of deleterious effects, including increases in heart disease, asthma, and diabetes.
    • SYNONYMS:  harmful, destructive, hurtful
    • ANTONYMS:  aiding, assisting, helpful
  3. decry
    • DEFINITION:  to put down in the sense of openly condemning; to express strong disapproval
    • SENTENCE:  Upton Sinclair decried the era's rampant materialism and conformity. SYNONYMS:  criticize, blame, condemn
    • ANTONYMS:  applaud, compliment, praise
  4. despondent
    • DEFINITION:  feeling downcast; very dejected; forlorn
    • SENTENCE:  Giselle experienced what it is like to be despondent when a New York City beggar stole her tiara and left her crying alone in the pouring rain.
    • SYNONYMS:  desperate, depressed, glum
    • ANTONYMS:  cheerful, happy, hopeful
  5. denounce
    • DEFINITION:  to put down in the sense of a making a formal accusation; to speak against
    • SENTENCE:  Voltaire denounced the Old Regime, William Lloyd Garrison denounced slavery.
    • SYNONYMS:  condemn, scold, censure
    • ANTONYMS:  approve, commend, praise
  6. demise
    • DEFINITION:  to go all the way down in the sense of ending by death; the cessation of existence or activity
    • SYNONYMS:  Dinosaurs and the Whig Party both met with a sudden and unexpected demise.
    • SYNONYMS:  death, failure, downfall
    • ANTONYMS:  birth, beginning, start
  7. debunk
    • DEFINITION:  to put down by exposing false and exaggerated claims
    • SENTENCE:  Grand Master Larry debunked K-Fed's hopelessly inept songs.
    • SYNONYMS:  disprove, ridicule, disparage
    • ANTONYMS:  prove, uphold, support
  8. deride
    • DEFINITION:  to put down with contemptuous jeering; to ridicule or laugh at
    • SENTENCE:  In the movie "Happy Gilmore" Shooter McGavin derided Happy as an incompetent novice.
    • SYNONYMS:  scorn, scoff, jeer
    • ANTONYMS:  commend, flatter, praise
  9. devoid
    • DEFINITION:  to go down in the sense of being empty; completely lacking in substance or quality; bereft
    • SENTENCE:  "Glitter" and "Godzilla" were both movies panned by critics for being devoid of all redeeming value.
    • SYNONYMS:  lack, barren, deficient
    • ANTONYMS:  full, filled, complete
  10. impeccable
    • DEFINITION:  having no flaws; perfect
    • SENTENCE:  Opening doors for your girlfriend and saying "yes, sir" demonstrates having impeccable manners.
    • SYNONYMS:  infallible, flawless, perfect
    • ANTONYMS:  flawed, imperfect, defective
  11. implacable
    • DEFINITION:  not capable of being placated or appeased
    • SENTENCE:  The United States and al Qaeda are implacable enemies locked in a deadly struggle that cannot be avoided.
    • SYNONYMS:  inconsolable, disconsolate, forlorn
    • ANTONYMS:  consolable, understanding, appeased
  12. inexorable
    • DEFINITION:  not capable of being stopped; relentless; inevitable
    • SENTENCE:  The Titanic was unfortunately on an inexorable course to hit the iceberg. SYNONYMS:  dogged, unyielding relentless
    • ANTONYMS:  lenient, yielding, flexible
  13. incoherent
    • DEFINITION:  not coherent and therefore lacking organization; lacking logical or meaningful connections
    • SENTENCE:  An example of an incoherent statement: "So okay, like right now the Haitians need to come to America. But some people are like, about the strain on our resources. It's like when I had a garden party, I said RSVP cause it was a sit-down dinner. May I remind you that it does not say RSVP on the Statue of Liberty..."
    • SYNONYMS:  disjointed, jumbled, indistinct
    • ANTONYMS:  understandable, intelligible, coherent
  14. insurmountable
    • DEFINITION:  not capable of being surmounted or overcome
    • SENTENCE:  The once insurmountable task of building a transcontinental railroad was completed in 1869.
    • SYNONYMS:  indomitable, overwhelming, unbeatable
    • ANTONYMS:  attainable, defeatable, surmountable
  15. irreverent
    • DEFINITION:  lacking proper respect or seriousness, disrespectful
    • SENTENCE:  The writers of the Simpsons and S.Colbert are renowned for their irreverent jokes.
    • SYNONYMS:  rude, impudent, insolent
    • ANTONYMS:  reverent, respectful, proper
  16. circumspect
    • DEFINITION:  to look carefully around and therefore to be cautious and careful; prudent
    • SENTENCE:  Someone who prefers a wait-and-see approach to new styles is a circumspect person.
    • SYNONYMS:  attentive, meticulous, judicious
    • ANTONYMS:  careless, rash, negligent
  17. circuitous
    • DEFINITION:  circular and therefore indirect in language, behavior, or action
    • SENTENCE:  Ben follows a chain of clues that takes him on a circuitous chase that begins in Paris and then takes him to Buckingham palace, and finally Mt. Rushmore.
    • SYNONYMS:  indirect, meandering, circular
    • ANTONYMS:  straightforward, linear, direct
  18. circumvent
    • DEFINITION:  to circle around and therefore bypass; to avoid by artful maneuvering
    • SENTENCE:  Illegal business continue to circumvent laws established by our country. SYNONYMS:  mislead, deceive, trick
    • ANTONYMS:  straightforward, honest, candid, frank
  19. circumscribe
    • DEFINITION:  to draw a line around and therefore to narrowly limit or restrict actions
    • SENTENCE:  Juliet wanted to live with Romeo but couldn't because her family circumscribed her freedom by insisting she marry Count Paris.
    • SYNONYMS:  restrain, confine, limit
    • ANTONYMS:  free, loosen, open
  20. magnanimous
    • DEFINITION: filled with generosity and forgiveness; forgoing resentment and 
    • revenge
    • SENTENCE: After Lee's surrender at Appomattox, Grant magnanimously allowed the Confederate officers to keep their die arms and permitted soldiers to keep personal horses.
    • SYNONYMS: generous, altruistic, considerate
    • ANTONYMS: selfish, petty, stingy
  21. erroneous
    • DEFINITION: filled with errors; wrong
    • SENTENCE: Portuguese sailors erroneously believed that boiling seas filled with monsters awaited ships venturing south of Portugal.
    • SYNONYMS: inaccurate, false, flawed
    • ANTONYMS: correct, true, valid
  22. momentous
    • DEFINITION: filled with importance; significant
    • SENTENCE: Carl made a momentous decision to attach thousands of balloons to his home and sail for South America.
    • SYNONYMS: consequential, crucial, meaningful
    • ANTONYMS: insignificant, trifling, trivial
  23. mellifluous
    • DEFINITION: smooth and sweet; flowing like honey
    • SENTENCE: Smokey Robinson and Marvin Gaye are both known for their mellifluous voices. SYNONYMS: sweet, fluid, soothing
    • ANTONYMS: discordant, cacophony, harsh
  24. ominous
    • DEFINITION: filled with menace; threatening
    • SENTENCE: Rising sea levels and rising temperatures are both ominous signs that global warming is getting worse.
    • SYNONYMS: threatening, lurking, dangerous
    • ANTONYMS: happy, auspicious, promising
  25. acrimonious
    • DEFINITION: filled with bitterness; sharpness in words; rancorous
    • SENTENCE: Celebrity magazines are happy to chronicle all the acrimonious statements made by the stars and their lawyers.
    • SYNONYMS: acerbic, bitter, caustic
    • ANTONYMS: kind, soothing, sweet
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