mnemonics deck 59

  1. windfall
    a sudden happening that brings good fortune

    fruit that has fallen from the tree

    WIND+FALL......When the WIND blows, fruits FALL .
  2. visceral
    felt in one's inner organs

    Visceral = wise cereal, which is good for health and internal organs.
  3. transgression
    violation of a law;sin

    • Trans + aggression....imagine the army of Pakistan aggressively crossing the Line of Control (LOC) and hence violating the law
    • trans(=across) border.
  4. tepid
    lukewarm;feeling or showing little interest or enthusiasm.

    te(tea) and pid(dip):ypu can dip ur hand into tea only when it is lukewarm
  5. surly
    rude;inclined to anger or bad feelings with overtones of menace

    • sur+ly......focus on
    • sur....SOUNDS LIKE THINK OF our school SIR...who was very BAD TEMPERED AND RUDE..who use to beat us whenever we hadn't completed our home work on time................
  6. sophist
    teacher of philosophy; employer of fallacious reasoning.

    Sophist:SO F T and deceiving manner, Remember Soft and wise ways of swindle.
  7. scrupulous
    extreemely thorough

    Scrupulous is derived from scruple. Scruple sounds like trouble and scrupulous sounds like "trouble less". A person who is EXTREMELY THOROUGH is trouble less.
  8. rudimentary
    not developed; elementary

    CRUDE-i-mentary. somethin rudimentary is crude and elementary

    • sedimentary=rudimentary.....sedimentary
    • rock are used in the base or foundation of a building...hence
    • rudimentary means basic or fundamental !!!!!!!
  9. rapport
    emotional closeness; harmony

    rapport- its like airport, at airport you leave close-ones thus, EMOTIONAL CLOSENESS, HARMONY,friendly feeling there.
  10. resilient
    • elastic; having the power of springing back;
    • recover readily from adversity,depression or the like

    Resilient=RE(recover)+ EASILY+BENT. So, RESILIENT means something which RECOVERS EASILY when BENT.
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