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  1. Winnow
    • Meaning: separate good parts from the bad.
    • Mnemonic: WIN NOW will separate you from the loser.
  2. viscid
    adhesive, gluey

    viscous+liquid= viscid
  3. vassal
    a person who owns allegiance and service to a feudal lord.

    sounds like vasool. one who has to give a vasool is a vassal.
  4. stricture
    critical comments; severe and adverse criticism

    stricture rhymes with strict sir, so a sir who is always strict criticizes severly.
  5. sibylline

    sibyline=see + by + line...see within the lines...have you heard the idiom reading between the lines...this word has exactly the meaning.
  6. rueful

    "RO - FULL " jitna mann ho apni galti pe ro
  7. invective

    A VECTOR pointing towards u and abusing.. lolz

    fuck you all ! is invective sentence
  8. iniquitous
    wicked because it is believed to be a sin.

    sounds like we need to QUIT something IN US i.e habits, virtues that are bad, wicked.
  9. Hypercritical
    inclined to judge too severly; excessively exacting.

    ur in a very critical situation and u need to get doctor DEMANDS a lot of money .
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