qbank 33

  1. managment of ptu induced granulocytosis with an infection
    stop ptu
  2. dx of renal stones
    non contrast ct
  3. fever after 1st day of labor?
    within 1st day of labor

    physiologic phenomenon
  4. bacterial etiology of endometritis
    polymicrobial rx is clinda and genta
  5. whats seen on microscopy of erythema toxicum
  6. nasal polyps in a kid?
    in an adult
    • cystic fibrosis
    • allergic rhinitis
  7. when does amniotic fluid embolism occur
    • during manipulation of placent--amniocentesis
    • labor
  8. best initial test for duchenes
    best test to confirm
    muscle biopsy
    • ck
    • muscle biopsy
    • genetic studies
  9. how to control for confounding
  10. rx for blackfan diamond anemia
  11. next step in lower gi bleed that is negative on colonoscopy
    rbc scan
  12. vision loss thats transient and dependent on head position?
  13. 2 causes of transient vision loss
    • papilledema
    • amarosis fugax-due to low blood flow
  14. cause of glomerlar basement membrane deposits full of c3?
  15. rx for itp
    • platelets<30,000
    • or severe symptoms
  16. asymptomatic hematuria in an elderly
    bladder mass
  17. hepatic cyst with eggshell calcifications
    hydatid cyst-surgical resection + albendazole
  18. rx for amebic abscess of liver
    • metro
    • aspiration
    • surgical resection
  19. cause of venogenic impotence?

    penile fracture

    pelvic fracture
  20. vitiligo has a high association with what other disease
    • penicious anemia
    • type 1 diabetes
  21. difference between central aftery and vein occlusion cause of vision loss
    • central artery---pale optic disc, cherry red macula
    • central vein---optic disc swelling, hemorrhages, and dilated veins
  22. most pe's arise from
    ileofemoral vein
  23. what drug controls av node but prolongs qrs
  24. asymptomatic elevation of alp
  25. most sensitive test for dehydration
  26. is st segment depression on stress test always significiant?
    no it may occur in ppl with no cad
  27. rx for empyema with a thick peel
  28. d/d for ascending paralysis
    • gbs
    • tick related paralysis
  29. rx for mucomycosis
    amphotericin + surgical debridement
  30. long term complication of appendicitis
    abscess or perforation
  31. patients with panic disorder have high risk for
  32. most accurate test for HIT
    serotonin release assay
  33. abdominal pain radiating to thighs that occurs during menstruation?
    • dysmenorrhea either due to high prostaglandins
    • or endometriosis
  34. rx for stress fracture of 2nd metatarsal
    rest and analgesics
  35. pain on the plantar surgace when squeenzing the 3rd and 4th metacarpal?
    motor neuroma
  36. bilirubin in urine means conjugated or unconjugated ?
  37. rx for somone who is stuck with a hep B + needle
    hep B ivig and hep b vaccine
  38. blood gases in copd vs chf exacerbation
    copid--resp. acidosis

    chf---resp. alkalosis
  39. rx for pregnancy induced luteoma
  40. diabetes and necrotic facial wounds
  41. do you get salt wasting in secondary adrenal insufficiency?
    no only in primary
  42. 3 causes of nikolsky
    • ssss
    • ten
    • pemphigus vulgaris
  43. difference between ssss and imptetigo
    ssss- ill appearing child and . nikolsky +
  44. aortic stenosis + lower gi bleeding
  45. rx for asymptomatic parathyrodectomy
    • age <50
    • mroe than 1 point above the uln
    • renal function
    • dexa bone scan <2.5
  46. mono vs hiv in acute presentation
    same except hiv has a rash and diaarhea
  47. common complication of polycythemia
    respiratory distresss
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