1. construe
    to understand or explain the meaning of; to interpret
  2. subside
    to sink or settle; to become less active
  3. contemned
    despised; scorned
  4. contentious
  5. contiguous
    touching; adjoining
  6. contingent
    dependent upon but uncertain; a group or delegation
  7. contrite
    repentant; deeply sorry for wrong doing
  8. contumacy
    defiance of authority; rebelliousness
  9. conversant
    able to discuss  meaningfully; knowledgeable
  10. convivial
    enjoying compnay; sociable
  11. copious
  12. orpulent
  13. corrigible
    able to be corrected
  14. corroded
    eaten into; destroyed gradually
  15. deft
  16. degradation
    the act of degrading; reduction in quality; status, morals, etc
  17. dign
    to consider fitting to oneself; to lower oneself to another's level; to condescend
  18. delectable
    delightful; enjoyable; good tasting
  19. deleted
    taken out; cut out; removed
  20. demagogue
    one who stirs emotions of others for self interest; unprincipled politician
  21. demarcation
    that which clearly distinguishes or marks a difference; a differencing or distinguishing
  22. demeanor
    outward behaviour
  23. demure
    reserved; unassuming; modest
  24. denote
    to indicate; to mark
  25. denouement
    the unraveling or revealing of meaning of a play, notvel, etc; a final outcome
  26. deplete
    to use up; to empty; to exhaust
  27. depraved
    morally corrupt; wicked
  28. deprecatory
    belittling; disapproving
  29. depreciation
    decrease in value as a result of being used, aging, etc; belittling
  30. derelict
    neglectful in duty; deserted or abandoned
  31. dermatologist
    a physician who specializes in skin diseases
  32. defamation
    an attack on good reputation; malicious and harmful talk; slander
  33. colander
    bowl shaped sieve with handles; a strainer
  34. filigree
    delicate ornamental work of intertwined wire; anything delicately fanciful and ornamental
  35. finesse
    ability to perform with delicate skill and style; artfulness
  36. myriad
    innumerable; countless number
  37. scrpulous
    carefully precise; painstakingly thorough and exact
  38. salient
    jutting out; extending forward
  39. canon
    an established rule, law, principle, or criterion
  40. amazon
    large and athletic or strong woman; woman warrior
  41. chromatic
    pertaining to colors
  42. fallow
    unused; uncultivated
  43. obituary
    newspaper account of a death
  44. probity
    uprightness; reliability; integrity; strict honesty
  45. austere
    stern; severe
  46. manipulate
    to handle skillfully; manage change or alter sherwdly
  47. satiety
    fullness beyond normal; the state of being glutted or filled to excess
  48. amelioration
  49. allocate
    to assign as a portion or share; to set apart for
  50. legibility
    state or quality of being easy to read
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