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  1. What is a phylogeny?
    The evolutionary history of relationships between species
  2. What is phylogenetic tree?
    A diagrammatic reconstruction of that history
  3. What are phylogenetic trees used for?
    To depict the relationships between and evolutionary history of groups of taxa, species, populations, or genes
  4. What characters can trees be constructed based on?
    Morphological, behavioral, biochemical, genomic
  5. What is a taxa (p taxon)
    Any species or group of species that we designate with a name
  6. What is a clade?
    A taxon that consists of all the evolutionary descendants of a common ancestor
  7. What are sister taxa?
    Two taxa that are each other's closest relatives
  8. What are synapomorphies?
    Shared derived traits that are used to define clades because they provide evidence of the common ancestry of a group
  9. What are two other terms for synapomorphies
    Homologies and homologous features
  10. What is convergent evolution?
    When superficially similar traits may evolve independently in different lineages
  11. What is an evolutionary reversal?
    When a character reverses from a derived state back to an ancestral state
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