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  1. What is a sister species?
    A species' closest relative
  2. What is speciation?
    Divergence of a biological lineage and the emergence of a reproductive isolation between them
  3. What does the morphological species suggest? Who is its founder?
    Linnaeus, it suggests that groups of organisms that look similar are of the same species
  4. What does the biological species concept suggest? Who is its founder?
    Mayr, it suggests that a species is a group of organisms that potentially mate with one another.
  5. What does the lineage species concept suggest?
    It suggests that a species is a group of organisms that share a branch on the tree of life.
  6. What aspects does the morphological species concept emphasize?
    Appearance, field ID
  7. What aspects does the biological species concept emphasize?
    Current biology and reproduction
  8. What aspects does the lineage species concept emphasize?
    Evolutionary process, genetic divergence.
  9. How is reproductive isolation related to lineages?
    Reproductive isolation allows lineages to diverge over evolutionary time
  10. How are morphological differences and reproductively isolated species related?
    Morphological differences accumulate due to evolutionary changes in reproductively isolated species.
  11. What is the mechanism necessary for lineages to remain distinct over evolutionary time?
    Reproductive isolation
  12. What is binomial nomenclature?
    A system developed by Linnnaeus (Genus species) which classified species based solely on appearance.
  13. What are some limitations of the morphological species concept?
    Members of same species don't always look alike, crypitc species (when they look identical but don't interbreed,
  14. What is reproductive isolation?
    When two groups of organisms can no longer exchange genes
  15. What are some limitations of the biological species concept?
    Ring species, asexual species, extinct species.
  16. Which species concept requires a phylogeny?
    Lineage species concept.
  17. What is a lineage?
    An ancestor-descendant series of populations followed over time
  18. What are some limitations of the lineage species concept?
    Populations that can still potentially interbreed will be considered as separate species because of genetic divergence.
  19. What is required for speciation to occur?
    An interruption of gene flow
  20. What are 3 ways that gene flow can be interrupted?
    Habitat selection, assortative mating, and geographical barriers.
  21. What is the Dobzhansky- Muller Model?
    A process by which a population is subdivided and then the two groups evolve independently. In each lineage, new alleles become fixed at different loci which makes the new alleles completely incompatible at these loci and results in the genetic incompatibility and isolation.
  22. What can chromosomal rearrangements lead to?
  23. Parents with different chromosome arrangements or number can reproduce. What do they reproduce?
    Hybrids , infertile because they won't be able to produce normal gametes.
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