1. innocuous
  2. dearth
    scarcity; lack
  3. debacle
    sudden breakdown; overwhelming and ruinous turn of events; calamity
  4. debility
  5. debonair
    pleasant and gracious; refined
  6. couch
    to put into words; a sofa
  7. covert
    seret; hidden
  8. cowers
    shrinks away from in fear; crines
  9. innovation
    something new; a recent invention
  10. decadence
    a process, condition or time of cultural or moral decline; deterioration; decay
  11. deciduous
    shedding or falling off seasonally
  12. decimate
    to destroy or kill a large number
  13. increment
    an increase or addition
  14. euphony
    pleasant sound
  15. evaanescent
    tening to fade like vapor; ephemeral
  16. crass
    unrefined; common; vulgar
  17. craven
  18. excerpt
    to select or take out from; to extract;; a passage taken out of a book, etc.
  19. exemplary
    setting an example
  20. exigency
    a rpoblem or situation requring immediate attention
  21. excoriate
    to criticize harshly
  22. amnesia
    loss of memory
  23. cumbersome
    lumsy or difficult to manage
  24. cupidity
    extreme selfishness; greed
  25. cursory
    not thorough; hasty
  26. cynic
    one who believes that all humans are insincere and selfish; a sneering and sarcastic person
  27. hypothetical
    based on theory or supposition; assumed but not proved
  28. amorphous
  29. excruciating
    extremely painful; agonizing
  30. incubus
    anything greatly oppressive or discouraging; a nightmare mental burden
  31. culcate
    to teach or impress by frequent repetition; to instill
  32. exiguous
    scanty; small; insufficient
  33. exorcised
    freed from evil spirits by chanted words or other rites
  34. exotic
    strangely enticing or fascinating; not native; foreign
  35. incumbent
    required as one's duty or obligation; one holding an office or position
  36. mundane
    worldly; ordinary; uninspiring
  37. munificent
    excessively generous; lavish
  38. mutability
    tendency to change; inconsistency
  39. hyperbole
    extreme exaggeration in expression; overstatement
  40. hypercritical
    overly critical; faultfinding
  41. hypochondriac
    one who is unduly anxious over one's health
  42. indefatigable
    never tiring
  43. expedient
    suitable or advisable at the moment; opportune or useful but not necessarily right
  44. explicit
    specific; exact
  45. execrable
    detestable; revolting; abominable; deserving to be cursed
  46. preposterous
    absurd; ridiculous
  47. credible
    believable; reliable
  48. credulous
  49. criterion
    standard for judging; requirement
  50. console
    to lessen sadness or disappointment; to comfort or cheer in distress
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