Crucible Vocabulary

  1. indignation
    fury; ire, rage, wrath
  2. ineptness
    lack of competence or judgement
  3. inert
    unable to move or act, sluggish
  4. ingratiate
    to make an effort to gain good favor with someone
  5. innate
    existing from birth, inborn
  6. junta
    a group of people who join in running a government ( after a revolution)
  7. licentious
    lacking moral or sexual restraint
  8. malevolence
    ill will or evil intentions
  9. malign
    to utter injuriously misleading reports about
  10. methodical
    proceeding in a regular of systematic order
  11. orthodox
    conforming to established standards, conventional
  12. pallor
    extreme paleness usually relating to the face
  13. paradoxical
    something that appears false or contradictory, but is actually correct
  14. parochial
    limited in range or scope, narrow, provincial
  15. partisan
    one who exhibits extreme or possibly blind allegiance to a group
  16. placid
    peaceful, calm
  17. predilection
  18. prodigious
    extraordinary in bulk, quantity or degree, great size, enormous
  19. propriety
    correct conduct
  20. prudent
    wise and careful about practical manners
  21. quake
    to shake from shock or instibility
  22. reproach
    to blame for something, a disgrace
  23. rescind
    to cancel
  24. trepidation
    fear, trembling, agitation
  25. vindictive
    revengeful, spiteful
  26. wily
    cunning, crafty
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