138 nozzle notes

  1. lube nozzles with
  2. clean nozzles with
    mild soap and water
  3. nozzle threads are
    NH (national hose threads)
  4. NH stands for for what
    National Hose Thread
  5. how many gpm for metro 1
    150gpm  @75psi
  6. how many gpm for metro 2
    250 gpm @ 75 psi
  7. metro 1 is used on what size hose
    1 3/4" lines
  8. metro 2 is used on what size hose
    2 3/4"
  9. metro nozzles filter out what size debris
    1/3" or greater
  10. metro nozzles can clear what sized debris
    1/4" or less
  11. how many positions do metro nozzles have
    6, closed- open
  12. on a metro nozzel what direction do you turn for fog/ stream
    left for life (fog) /  right for straight stream
  13. kk bubble cup gpm
  14. what nozzel has sliding tip/ why
    KK bubble cup/ for better foam aggregation
  15. fittings colors
    • yellow for NS (National Standard)
    • black for Iron Pipe (NPHS) (national pipe straight hose)
  16. what is NPSH
    National Pipe Straight Hose
  17. how much does the Hydra Assist valve weigh
  18. hydra assist valve dimensions
    11" high 14" long 17" wide
  19. Hydra assist  3 modes of operation
    hydrant pressure, pump pressure, emergency stop
  20. males and female couplings on hydra assist
    2 male 2 female
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