Reading GK

  1. What is the main idea expressed in the passage? (Lord Chesterfield)
    A) Correct spelling of the English language is very important
  2. The purpose of the passage? (Lord Chesterfield)
    C) Persuade the reader that spelling is very important
  3. Organizational pattern that of the passage can best be described as (Lord Chesterfield)
    B) Process
  4. Which sentence statement is a fact? (Lord Chesterfield)
    A) First, English spelling is not haphazard; irregularities are systematic
  5. This passage illustrates bias in favor of (Lord Chesterfield)
    B) Traditional spelling of the English language
  6. The tone of the passage (Lord Chesterfield)
  7. What is the relationship between the two sentences? (Lord Chesterfield)

    Sentence1 & Sentence2
    Sentence 2 contradicts the opinion of sentence 1
  8. "All these objectors to standard english spelling forget several circumstances" (Lord Chesterfield)
    B) Valid because it is supported with several facts
  9. From the passage one can infer? (Lord Chesterfield)
    D) controversy exists over whether traditional or phonetic spelling is preferable
  10. The phrase conspicuous consumption was used to describe? (Lord Chesterfield)
    Flaunting ones wealth and achievement use of abilities
  11. the dog King was described as each of the following except? (Uncle Lester)
    C) crippled
  12. The primary purpose of the passage is to (Uncle Lester)
    D) provide an entertaining lesson
  13. "As Lester and his canine friends arrived..." best described as (Uncle Lester)
    D) description
  14. This passage use an organizational pattern that (Uncle Lester)
    B) shows kindness and outlandish behavior through ex.
  15. (Uncle Lester)
  16. (Uncle Lester)

  17. (Uncle Lester)

  18. (Uncle Lester)

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  20. (Uncle Lester)

  21. The main idea expressed in this passage is that James B. Eads
    A) gambled and won several times in his career
  22. "The bridge is still in use"
    B) although he may have been lucky, he was also talented
  23. prefabricated modules mean?
    A) interchangeable sections built
  24. The purpose of this passage is to (James B. Eads)
    D) persuade that luck is a major factor in fortune and fame
  25. The passage illustrates bias against (James B. Eads)
    D) succeeding through luck alone
  26. The tone of this passage can be described as (James B. Eads)
    C) ironic
  27. "then" (James B. Eads)
  28. which of the following does not support the authors idea that Eads was in the right place
    C) Eads built prefabricated modules to facilitate repairs of the St. Louis Mississippi Bridge
  29. This passage uses an organizational pattern that (James B. Eads)
    C) uses specific examples to show Eads accomplishments
  30. synonym for accrued
    D) accumulated
  31. what is the main idea expressed in this passage? (Chautauquas)
    B) the chautauqau, which almost vanished
  32. The author uses the example of William Jennings Bryan's having left Paris peace talks to illustrate the (Chautauqaus)
    C) importance American leaders attached to appearances on the Chautauquas circuit
  33. The primary purpose of the passage is to (Chautauquas)
    inform readers about formerly influential force in American culture.
  34. This passage uses an organizational pattern that (Chautauquas)
    C) uses sequence of time presenting the Chautauqua's contributions
  35. which sentence is a statement of opinion? (Chautauqua)
    like vaudeville and burlesque is a memory
  36. this passage illustrates bias in favor of (Chautauqau)
    the influence on our culture of Chautauqua
  37. the tone of this passage could be best be described as (Chautauqau)
    B) sentimental
  38. What is the relationship between these two sentences (Chautauqua)
         sentence 1 & 2
    A) sentence 2 explains the meaning of the term used in sentence 1.
  39. what is the relationship between these two sentences from the passage: Sentence 1 & 2 (Chautauqua)
    C) statement and explanation
  40. The author's claim that "Chautauqua is a vital memory of an important influence on the culture of our nation"
    C) valid supported with sufficient facts and examples
  41. main idea of this passage is that "operation crossroads" (Justice Douglas)
    universally accepted nor rejected
  42. supporters of the program are in favor of (Justice Douglas)
    international involvement for our youth
  43. the example of celebrities was used to bolster the (Justice Douglas)
    supportive argument
  44. the following were given as reasons for subsidizing American visits EXCEPT (Justice Douglas)
    trips would be available to a select few
  45. which sentence is a statement of fact (Justice Douglas)
    A) consequently he established "operation crossroads"
  46. idealistic most nearly means (justice douglas)
    A) visionary
  47. "this program would not be educational" is (Justice Douglas)
    C) invalid because it is not supported with facts and details
  48. The relationship between these to sentences: (Justice Douglas) sentence 1 & 2
    A) cause and effect
  49. the statement that "america could become a world leader in international affairs" (Justice Douglas)
    A) invalid lack of evidence
  50. subsidize means to support (Justice Douglas)
    C) financially
  51. identify the statement below that best expresses the main idea of this passage (drama ancient Greece)
    A) films like theater throughout history, have exceeded the bounds
  52. the example of Richard Burbage's theater was used to illustrate that  (drama ancient greece)
    B) even during the Renaissance the theater moved to excesses
  53. ostracized means?
    D) shunned by society
  54. what is relationship between these two sentences from the passage? (drama ancient greece)
    C) sentence 2 restates sentence 1
  55. which sentence is a statement of fact? (drama ancient greece)
    C) one of the latest Supreme Court decisions regarding cencorship
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