risk stratification

  1. family history
    MI, CABG,or sudden death before 55 yr in father or other male first degree relative or before 65 yrs in mother or other female first degree relative.
  2. cigarette smoking
    current smoker or those who quit within the previous 6 months or exposure to environmental tobacco smoke
  3. sedentary lifestyle
    not participating in at least 20 minute of moderate intensity physical activity on at least 3 days of the week for at least 3 months.
  4. obesity
    BMI greater than or equal to 30 or waist girth >102 cm/40in for men and >88 cm/35 in in women
  5. hypertension
    SBP >/= 140 and/or diastolic >/=90 confirmed on 2 separate occasions or on antihypertensive meds.
  6. dyslipidemia
    • LDL >/= 130
    • HDL less than (<)40
    • or on lipid-lowering agents
    • If total chol is all that is available, use >/=200
  7. prediabetes
    impaired fasting glucose of greater than or equal to 100 but less than (<)126
  8. NEGATIVE risk factor
    HDL of greater than 60
  9. AGE
    • men 45 and up
    • women 55 and up
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