campaigns and elections

  1. mandate
    perception of popular support for a program or policy based on the margin of electoral victory won by candidate who proposed it during campaign
  2. professionalism
    reference to the increasing number of office holders for whom office is a full-time occupation
  3. careerism
    reference to the ppl who started working in politics, running for and holding office and whom made politics their career
  4. incumbents
    candidates currently in office seeking reelection
  5. name recognition
    public awareness of a political candidate
  6. challengers
    reference to people running against incumbent office holders
  7. franking privilege
    free use of US mail to promote communications with constituents
  8. campaign stategies
    plan for political campaign, usually including theme, define opponent/issues, coordinate images/messages/in news broadcast and paid ads
  9. negative campaigning
    speeches, commercials, or advertising  attacking a political opponent during a campaign
  10. focus group
    small # of ppl brought together to discuss , respond to themes & issues, allowing campaign managers to develop/analyze strategies
  11. photo ops
    staged opportunities for media to photograph candidate in favorable setting
  12. sound bites
    concise & catchy phrases to attract media coverage
  13. mobilize
    to activate supporters to work for candidates and turn out on election day
  14. issue ads
    ads that advocate policy positions rather than explicitly supporting or opposing particular candidates
  15. political action committees (PACS)
    organizations that solicit & receive campaign contributions from corporations, unions....then distribute funds to political candidates
  16. Federal Election Commission (FEC)
    agency charged w/ enforcing federal election laws and disbursing public presidential campaign funds
  17. soft money
    previously unregulated contribution to parties, now prohibited - contributions are limited
  18. retail politics
    direct candidate contact w/ indv. voters
  19. spin doctors
    practitioners of the art of spin control, manipulation of the media, reporting to favor their own candidate
  20. front-end-strategy
    presidential political campaign strategy in which a candidate focuses on winning early primaries to build momentum
  21. front loading
    scheduling of presidential primary elections early in the year
  22. big state strategy
    presidential political campaign strategy in which candidate focuses on winning primaries in large states b/c of their high delegate counts
  23. electoral college
    • 538 presidential electors apportioned among states according to their congressional representations
    • votes officially elect president & vice president
  24. swing states
    states not considered to be firmly Dem or Rep
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