compendium FREELANCE test 2

  1. The attorney to whom the transcript of a deposition is transmitted shall
    retain custody of it until six months after final disposition of the action, whereupon the transcript may be destroyed
  2. Any party may obtain discovery by taking a deposition by written questions instead of by oral examination

  3. In a written deposition, a party who objects to the form of any question shall serve a specific objection to that question on all parties entitled to notice of the deposition within
    15 days after service of the question
  4. The party taking a written deposition may forward to the deponent a copy of the questions on direct examination for study prior to the deposition

  5. No party or attorney shall permit the deponent to preview the form or the substance of any cross, redirect, or recross questions

  6. Absent a stipulation to the contrary, the certified transcript of a deposition:
    Must be sealed by the deposition officer in an envelope and promptly transmitted to the attorney for the party who noticed the deposition
  7. The highest priority of the Court Reporters Board is the protection of
    The public
  8. The CRB shall
    • +determine qualification of license applicants
    • +make rules governing the examination of applicants
    • +Grant certificates to those who prove to be qualified in professional shorthand reporting
  9. If the applicant makes a false statement or fails to reveal a material fact in an application for a license:
    The CRB has the power to deny a license
  10. If a complaint for unlawful or illegal activity is brought against a licensee, the CRB
    Must first investigate to determine if action is warranted
  11. Reporters are licensed under
    • Business and Professions Code
    • (Chapter /division 3)
  12. Under the interstate and International Depositions and Discovery Act, a foreign jurisdiction means
    A foreign nation
  13. For the purpose of evidence, whenever a copy of a writing is attested or certified, the attestation or certificate must state in substance that the copy is
    A correct copy of the original or of a specified part thereof, as the case may be
  14. A non-party deponent may appear at his or her deposition by telephone, videoconference, or other remote electronic means with court approval upon a finding of good cause and no prejudice to any party


    in regard to this telephone deposition, the non party deponent may be sworn in the presence of or outside the presence of the deposition officer as stipulated to by the parties or ordered by the Court
  15. When deposition testimony is used as an exhibit:
    The title page, the relevant pages, and the original page number of the deposition must be clearly visible.
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