1. immutbe
    unchangeable; fixed
  2. impalpable
    not able to be felt; not able to be perceived easily
  3. importune
    to beg; to urge
  4. impregnable
  5. improvident
    not providing for the future
  6. superficial
    lacking true significance or importance; shallow
  7. superluous
    more than necessary; excessive
  8. supernumerary
    exceeding the number needed; an "extra"
  9. supple
    easily bent; easily manipulated; compliant
  10. surreptitious
  11. swath
    a strip or path cleanly ut or mowed
  12. imputee
    to ttribute; to credit or blame
  13. sycophant
    an insincere flatterer; a parasite
  14. emancipation
    act of setting free; a state of freedom; liberation
  15. embellish
    to make more beautiful or valuable; to add to; to enhance
  16. emboss
    to push up or raise upon a surface; to adorn
  17. efficacious
  18. effigy
    an image or statue
  19. eminent
    distinguished; renowned; outstanding; prominent
  20. emissary
    someone who is sent as a representative
  21. emit
    to put out or give off light, heat, sound; etc.
  22. emollient
    a softner; relaxing; soothing
  23. emolument
    payment; salary
  24. synthetic
    not natural; man made; artifical
  25. tacit
  26. taciturn
    silent; reserved
  27. tactile
    relating to the sense of touch
  28. tangible
    having physical existence
  29. tantamanout
    equivalent in value, meaning, or effect
  30. taut
    tightly drawn; tense
  31. tawdry
    cheap looking
  32. effulgence
    radiance; splendor; brightness; shining
  33. egregious
    noticeably bad; flagrant
  34. elicit
    to draw forth or call forth; evoke
  35. topography
    the surface features of land
  36. torpor
    sluggishness; stupor
  37. torque
    a force that rotates and twists or wrenches
  38. elucidation
    explanation; clarification
  39. prerequisite
    required beforehand in conjunction with something to follow
  40. dally
    to waste time; to loiter
  41. cryptic
    puzzling; secret; difficult to understand
  42. amity
    friendship; good will
  43. dastardly
    mean; base; cowawrdly
  44. infirm
  45. ingenious
    inventive; clever
  46. inherent
    part of the essential character of; inborn
  47. inhibition
    a self imposed inner restraint; a restrianing or inhibiting
  48. inimical
    like an enemy; hostile; unfriendly; opposing
  49. inimitable
    not able to be imitated
  50. innate
    inborn; natural
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