CA Excel Unit 7

  1. a graphic representation of data.
  2. a numeric value that describes single item on a chart.
    Data point:
  3. a group of related data points.
    Data series:
  4. the value or name of a data point.
    Data label:
  5. a group of data points in a chart.
    Category label:
  6. displays data comparisons vertically in columns.
    Column chart:
  7. horizontal axis on a chart which depicts categorical labels.
    X axis:
  8. vertical axis on a chart which depicts numeric labels.
    Y axis:
  9. contains the entire chart and all of its elements.
    Chart area:
  10. compares two or more sets of data in one chart.
    Multiple data series:
  11. groups similar data in columns, making visual comparisons
    easier to determine.
    Clustered column chart:
  12. places/stacks data in one column with each data series in a
    different color.
    Stacked column chart:
  13. identifies the format or color of each data series.
  14. a column chart that has been given a horizontal orientation.
    Bar chart:
  15. separates one or more slices of the pie chart for emphasis.
    Exploded pie chart:
  16. contains three-dimensional view.
    Three-dimensional pie chart:
  17. uses a line to connect data points in order to show trends over a long period
    of time.
    Line chart:
  18. displays values as percentages of the whole.
    Doughnut chart:
  19. shows a relationship between two variables.
    Scatter (XY) chart:
  20. shows the high, low, and close prices for individual stocks over time.
    Stock chart:
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CA Excel Unit 7
CA Excel Unit 7