Interchange Local Component

  1. What is SSOR?
    Self-Supply of Operating Reserves.

    allow Powerex supplying Operating Reserves for any energy it purchases within the BPA control area, when and if called upon by BPA to deliver. Uses ICCP link
  2. What is the swing counter?
    MW transfer is changing too much. Creates Angular Instability. L92 and L294 will detect a fault and protection will go off.
  3. What is Joint AGC?
    enables dyanmic schedule to CAISO to be included in AGC calculation.
  4. What is Backup Scheduler?
    Used to manually enter NSI when AGC gets suspended (suspended when 75MW change)
  5. What is AGC mode?
    The selected AGC Mode determines how the Area Control Error is computed.

    TLBC (Tie Line Bias Control): both Interchange Deviation and Frequency Deviation components are included in ACE computation. In addition, the WECC ATEC component is also included. This mode shall be used at all time unless system conditions require the use of other modes
  6. What is BCH ACE?
    What is NERC ACE?
    BC Hydro ACE calculation.

    NERC ACE adds the Gen Offset Scheduler
  7. What is CPS1?
    statistical measure of ACE variability and its relationship to frequency error;
  8. What is CPS2?
    statistical measure designed to limit unacceptably large net unscheduled power flows.
  9. What is Rotational Energy?
    you need a certain amount of moving generators to provide inertia in case something fails. Cannot import too much energy compared to load.
  10. What do you do if there is a loss of Alberta Path mid-hour?
    • TC lowers the TTC to the TRMu
    • curtailment manager will run
    • Implement cuts
    • inform GC
  11. How do you create a new Schedule?
    MODS: Daily Schedules, click new schedule at the bottom

    e_Tag: Top right, click New Tag
  12. How do you create a new TSR?
    MODS: Manual TSR entry

    OASIS: Reservations -> New TSR
  13. How do you troubleshoot denied tags using Portfolio manager?
    Remaining value in TSR
  14. What do you do if Alberta declares an EEA?
  15. What if Powerex calls asking you to make an adjustment?
    Tell them to ask another PSE.

    Why? Shows favoritism.
  16. What would you do if Fortis calls in reserves?
    • ·  FBC contacts the GC and tells them the MW requested and the start time of the delivery (the time of the contingency).
    • ·          A second call should be placed by FBC when the delivery ends or if the MW amount changes.
    • ·         The GC in turn should advise the Interchange Operator of the delivery times and amounts.
    • ·         IPO then calculates an Integrated value and makes log entry.
    • ·         FBC submits a form to the IPO via email to document the delivery. IPO should check the form for accuracy. if everything looks good, send email to SCM, Grid Ops After the fact and to Me stating that the document is accurate. If it is not accurate, advise the SCM and work with FBC to resolve the discrepancy. Keep a copy of the FBC email in the appropriate email folder in the RT Sched mailbox.
  17. What would you do if GC asks you to make __MW cut for reserves?
    Phone Powerex quickly and ask what tags they want cut.
  18. Explain curtailment manager
  19. Tell me what you know about transmission?
  20. What if Powerex asks for information on when a line will be up?
    what if you accidentally tell them?
    • tell them to refer to the website
    • Tell the SCM to post what you told them on OASIS
  21. What if L71 goes out?
    Curtail all schedules on L71 TSRs.
  22. What if EMS fails?
    Call Powerex and tell them to maintain schedules
  23. What if powerex asks you to adjust dynamic schedule limit to 0?
    Tell GC. He will adjust the dyanmic limit in AREVA
  24. What happens when Alberta calls and asks for SpinRes
    Tell them to call Powerex to submit tag and tell the GC. Approve the tag.
  25. What goes across ESB from MODS to AREVA
    • NSI for AGC schedule
    • TTC for both paths- OTC violation
    • Interruptible contract info
    • Capcity c ontract info
    • dyanmic transfer limit
  26. ICCP goes down
    • GC will let you know
    • May have to call California
  27. ESB goes down
    alarms. Let GC know. AGC schedules not going to be passed. GC needs to run backup scheduler. GC needs to manually enter dyanimc transfer limit.
  28. What would you do if curtailment manager sets a reliability limit on a capacity tag?
    Call powerex and ask for Transmission adjust. Alberta has to approve. Then SL will go to zero. Give them the etag number
  29. What is Network Economy?
    • Network economy transmission may be purchased for imports to serve native load
    • Only BCPS has a NITS contract and is eligible to purchase NE
    • unused NE is recalled at xx:40
  30. How does Network Economy become type 2 and what happens when its type 2
    • fail economic test or failed utilisation and scheduled after xx:30 but before xx:40
    • type 1: pro-rata
    • type 2: LIFO
  31. What is NITS
    Network Integration Transmission Service

    Service that allows an electric transmission customer to integrate, plan, economically dispatch and regulate its network reserves in a manner comparable to that in which the Transmission Owner serves Native Load customers
  32. What info is transferred from MODS to PI?
  33. What is ACE?
    Area Control Error: mathematical formula that calculates load-interchange-generation balance

    • - undergenerating
    • + overgenerating

    ACE= (NAI-NSI) - 10B(Fa-Fs)
  34. Define Capacity Benefit Margin (CBM)
    Space reserved to serve native load to be used by the LSE in times of emergency
  35. define NERC
  36. define WECC
  37. How is OTC monitored by the EMS system?Are there any inputs from MODS into AREVA for OTC monitoring?
    • AREVA determines the proper OTC monitoring limit based on information from:
    • MODS, (TSS value from Effective TTC display)
    • TSA-PM, (automatically generated number that the AREVA EMS Network Applications derives every couple of minutes)
    • and manual entry. (in AREVA OTC Monitor Details display)

    TSS is value from MODS
  38. Describe the way MODS/EMS/PI/WIT are connected
    • -MODs is connected to AREVA(EMS) and provides info to AGC
    • -AREVA  sends info to PI
    • -PI sends info to WIT
    • -PI and WIT do not directly communicate to MODs
  39. OASIS problems
    • BC Hydro will attempt to access OASIS and/or verify if transmission is available (e.g. by checking the ATC Impact Detail or ATC Offering Summary in MODS).  When an OASIS problem occurs, BC Hydro will declare an OASIS outage and backup procedures will go into effect. 
    • Checklist
    • On OASIS, check Reservations and sort by Updated Time.  If transmission requests are in the queue and not confirmed, this indicates a problem

    ·         On OASIS, check Sys Data and confirm that the TTCs posted are correct (match MODS).  If it is observed that the TTC has not been updated in a long time, the Transmission Coordinator may be able to update it through MODS. Also check Offerings (blue button) in OASIS to see that ATC offerings are being posted correctly. 

    ·         Check MODS to determine if Transmission Reservations are being received from other customers.  (Transmission and Scheduling -> Oasis -> TSR -> TSR Summary, and ensure the Customer column is displayed.)  Compare with what is seen in OASIS. 
  40. On the Alberta to BC import path, what is the POR for all TSRs?
  41. On the BC to Alberta export path, what is the POD for all TSRs?
  42. If you wish to purchase transmission service to deliver energy from GMS to CISO, you would purchase the path BCH-BPAT with a POR of_____ and a POD of______

  43. In MODS what is ITS

    Interchange Schedules

    Contingency Reserves Responsible
  44. What is Energy Alert Level 1, 2, 3?
  45. Difference between spinres and regulating margin
    Regulating margin has to be on AGC.
  46. discrepancy in numbers
    call BPA or AESO and ask them their tie line values, if problem with PI contact support,  write down AREVA numbers, email ATF to change the numbers
  47. What is BCPS?
    • BC Power Supply
    • the PSE for imports  to serve BC load
  48. What is WestTrans
    •  enhanced OASIS site serving most of the Western Interconnection
    • node
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