conjugate acids and base pairs

  1. what is acid?
    a proton donor.
  2. what is base?
    a proton acceptor.
  3. In acid/base equilibrium, both RxN moving forward (right) and backward (left) involves ____ transfer.
  4. #38) what happens when a strong acid such as HBr is dissolved in water?
    in water, HBr dissociates almost completely. water acts as a base to accept a proton, and a solution of H3O+ and Br- results
  5. #40) what happens when a strong base such as KOH is dissolved in water?
    in water, KOH dissociates completely to yield K+ and OH- ions.
  6. #42) what is the difference b/w a monoprotic acid and a diprotic acid? example?
    a monoprotic acid, such as HCl, has only one proton to donate, whereas a diprotic acid, such as H2SO4, has 2 protons to donate.
  7. #44) which of the following are strong acids? 
    a) HClO4      b) H2CO3      c) H3PO4
    d)NH4+     e) HI      f)H2PO4
    strong acids: a, e
  8. #46) identify the following substances as a bronsted/Lowry base, a bron./Low. acid, or neither: 
    a) HCN     b) CH3CO2-     c) AlCl3
    d)H2CO3    e) Mg2+     f) CH3NH3+
    • BL acids: a, d, f, 
    • BL base: b
    • neither: c, e,
  9. #48) write the formulas of the conjugate acids of the following bronsted/Lowry bases: 
    a)ClCH2CO2-     b)C5H5N     c) SeO42-
    d) (CH3)3N
    a) ClCH2CO2H  b) C5H5NH+  c) HSeO4  d)(CH3)3NH+
  10. #50) the hydrogen containing anions of many polyprotic acids are amphoteric. Write equations for HCO3- and H2PO4-  acting as bases w/ the strong acid HCl and as acids w/ the strong base NaOH.
  11. #52. Sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) A.K.A. baking soda, is a common home remedy for acid indigestion and is also used to neutralize acid spill in the laboratory. write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction of sodium bicaronate w/ a) HCl    b) H2SO4
  12. #56. How is Kw defined, and what is its numerical value at 25 celius?
  13. #58. a solution of 0.10 M HCl has a pH = 1.00, whereas a solution of 0.10 M CH3COOH has a pH = 2.88. why?
  14. #60. Write the expressions for the acid dissociation constants for the successive dissociation of phosphoric acid, H3POin water.
  15. #62. the electrode of a pH meter is placed in a sample of urine, and a reading of 7.9 is obtained. is the sample acidic, basic, or neutral? what is the concentration of H3O+ in the urine sample?
  16. #66. what is the approximate pH of a 0.02 M solution of a strong monoprotic acid? Of a 0.02 M solution of a strong base, such as KOH?
  17. #68 match the H3O+ concentrations of the following: 
    a) [H3O+] =2.5 X 10-8 M
    b) "    "   = 5.0 X 10-4
    c) "  " =2.3 X 10-12
    d) "  " = 4.0 X 10 -3 M
  18. #70. what are the H3O+ and OH- concentrations of solutions that have the following pH values? 
    a) pH 4   b) pH 11   c) pH 0   d) pH 1.38   e) pH 7.96
  19. #74. The pH of buffer solution containing 0.10 M acetic acid and 0.10 M sodium acetate is 4.74.
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