10-3 Currency, Checks, and Petty Cash

  1. Authorization-
    The giving of authority.
  2. Currency-
    Any form of money.
  3. Denomination-
    A category or classification of currency.
  4. Depleted-
    Consumed, emptied, exhausted.
  5. Negotiable-
    Capable of being discussed and terms arranged.
  6. Reconcile-
    Process to bring checkbook and bank statement into agreement.
  7. Register-
    A formal or official recording of items, names, or actions; a record of money that has been spent.
  8. Signature-
    A signing of one’s own name.
  9. Third Party-
    Payment made by a party other than the one providing or receiving the service, such as a physician or patient. Examples of whom you would receive third-party reimbursement from are an insurance company or an attorney.
  10. Transaction-
    Dealing accomplished
  11. Void-
    To pass urine from the urinary bladder; to make ineffective or invalid.
  12. Voucher-
    a document that serves as proof that terms of a transaction have been met.
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10-3 Currency, Checks, and Petty Cash
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