9-1 Fundamental of Managed care

  1. Birthday Rule-
    A means to identify primary responsibility in insurance coverage.
  2. Cessation-
    Ceasing or discontinuing.
  3. Coordination of Benefits-
    When both spouses have health care insurance, the policy provision that limits benefits to 100% of the cost; also known as dual coverage.
  4. Direct Payment-
    Payment made directly to the physician by the insurance company.
  5. Encompass-
    To surround, enclose.
  6. Implement-
    A tool or instrument for doing something; to put into effect.
  7. Premium-
    The amount paid or payable (for example, an insurance policy premium).
  8. Primary-
    Occurring first in time, development, or sequence; earliest.
  9. Reimbursement-
    To pay back or compensate for money spent, or losses or damages incurred.
  10. Secondary-
    One step removed from the first; not primary.
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9-1 Fundamental of Managed care
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